Much of self-care is about going within, often considered a luxury for those who do people work.

On this page, you will find worksheets created by TARSHI that will take you on a journey of self-examination. The activities in this section will help you become more aware about your stress, thoughts, emotions and beliefs. They can also be tools for introspection if you allow yourself to dive deep within, guided by the questions in the worksheets.

As you open up, you might come face-to-face with some parts of yourself you didn’t know about, or confront some choices you are not so proud of. While this might leave you uncomfortable, reflecting on them objectively is a part of personal growth.

We encourage you to open your hearts, quieten your mind, and be kind to yourself!

The worksheets are on a range of topics, from finding happiness in the small things, to understanding your stressors, from mindful breathing with body movement, to reflecting on your core values, from thinking positively about your sexuality, to dreaming of an egalitarian world. While all of these are equally important components of self-care, you could choose which one to do based on your mood and the nature of the activity.

Each worksheet opens as a PDF, and contains a few icons on the top right that will tell you what kind of a worksheet it is, how much time is it likely to take, how easy or difficult it might be – below is the legend to read the worksheet.

Before you jump into the worksheets, we want to bring up a couple of points.

The explanations or suggestions we have given on how the exercises can help are illustrative only, and how you use them is up to you!

Second, we are aware that some of these worksheets may not cater to the diverse caste, class and disability identities our users may have, or how well they understand English. For instance, some of them may require privacy to complete, and that may not be possible for all users. Or some may talk about activities that are not possible for people with different types of disabilities. This is why, keeping in mind the diversity of our potential users, we have attempted to include a variety of resources that do not assume our users’ socio-economic locations.

Finally, we will be adding more worksheets from time to time, so do check out this space regularly!

So go on and try some of our worksheets!

A few of my favourite things

We find happiness in the small things around us. Use this worksheet to remind yourself of those that bring you joy.

Draw your breath

Connect your breath with hand movements for deep relaxation.

Write your legacy story

Through this activity you may be able to become aware of what is fundamentally good in you and acknowledge that even a choice you’re not proud of, has only been an opportunity to learn.

Why I do what I do

This activity attempts to help you reconnect with your passion or to become aware of why you do what you do, as the first step to seeing what is working and what is not.

Understanding resilience

How do you deal with adversity? Use this activity to understand your resilience and to draw out strategies to respond better to adversity.

A guide to monitoring your thoughts

Recognise the thoughts and patterns that come up when you feel stressed – to find ways you can cope better with stress!

The world I want

This activity can help you reconnect with your passions or become aware of why you are doing what you are doing. This can be a first step to understand what is working and what is not.

Taking charge of my self-care routine

Create your own self-care routine with this activity!

Exploring boundaries

This activity can guide you in exploring and understanding the boundaries you have drawn for yourself and others, and how boundaries can keep you from burning out.

Write a love letter

 Write – to see your worth, and love and cherish yourself for who you are.

My warning signs of stress

This worksheet can help bring in awareness to your feelings, thoughts and actions whenever you are stressed.  

Draw your mood as if it's the weather

Become aware of your feelings at a particular moment and understand that the thoughts you are stuck with are not permanent.

Understanding movements

Our bodies can benefit a lot from movement! Enhance your positive emotions by way of movement with this activity.

Identifying your values

Our values can help us understand our thoughts and behaviours better. Get clarity and anchor yourself to your values with this activity.

My current routine for self-care

Keep track of your current self-care routine and assess it to understand it better – and make changes if needed.

I am sexy and I know it

This is an activity for you to express your sexual desires without feeling judged, and for you to enhance your sexuality by embracing it.

My wishlist for self-care

Get some ideas on how to plan and include some must-dos and wish-to-do self-care practices in your routine.

Power as agency

How does power play out in your life? Use this activity to leverage on the agency of power in your own self-care.