Collective care


People doing people work are an integral aspect of creating and sustaining just, healthy, and equitable societies. Indeed, organisations, movements and collectives comprise passionate individuals working to change status-quo to a future that is more rights-based, feminist, inclusive, safe and affirming of every individual’s choices.

But the wellbeing of those doing people work doesn’t rest with them alone.

Collective care is about seeing wellbeing as beyond just an individual’s responsibility but as something that all members can contribute to and shape together. Collective care contributes to the growth and sustainability of the individual members and of the movement itself.

Self-care and collective care are closely linked, because self-care cannot be sustained if collective care is not maintained. And collective care is hard to imagine when one doesn’t prioritise and understand self-care.

In this section, we offer resources, both TARSHI’s and external, on ways to think about, imagine, and create collective care.

We also offer resources and ideas for facilitators and practitioners of self-care and various techniques of stress management and burnout prevention. If you are a facilitator, these could spur new ideas or could be added to your kitty of techniques.


Browse through the resources for some strategies, guidance notes, tips, guidelines for good practice for collective-care.

For facilitators

Look for some ideas for facilitation and some courses for practitioners to add to your self-care techniques.

Here is what collective care looks like in some organisations: