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Please visit About Self-care Essentials to know what we’ve set out to do with this website. If you’ve already seen it, this page is a good place to start exploring this website. Here is a list of Frequently Asked Questions that cover fundamentals of self-care, stress, burnout and why these matter in a workplace/collective space.

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Who is this website for?

Who can use this website? What do we mean by “people work”? Read more here.

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Understanding burnout

What is burnout, and what does it look like? How can one begin to work on burnout? Read more here.

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Understanding stress

Here, we go into understanding stress, factors that cause stress, and ways one can begin to address stress.

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Basics of self-care

What is self-care, and how can it help those who are stressed or on the verge of burnout? Learn why self-care is a political – and feminist – issue.

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Self-care, stress, burnout – and work

What does self-care mean in the context of work? How can workplaces and collective spaces take care of their members?