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TARSHI publications

A lot of written, available material on sexuality is often either too clinical or too sensational for most of us, making it difficult to get the desired information easily. To address this gap, TARSHI has produced a number of resources that are easy to understand and use.

These resources are based on our 25 years of experience and cover gender, sexuality, Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights, disability, wellbeing, and Comprehensive Sexuality Education, and related issues. Several of them are available in Hindi as well.

They are addressed to a diverse audience that includes young people, parents, concerned adults, researchers, and professionals working in the fields of health, education, gender, sexuality, sexual and reproductive health and rights.

TARSHI produces material that is gender-sensitive, non-heterosexist and affirms respect for all people and their right to sexual wellbeing.

Click the links below to access the range of resources: 

  • A Needs Assessment: Stress management and burnout prevention for case workers and human rights activists working on issues of gender and sexuality in India – download here. 
  • TARSHI’s monthly eMagazine In Plainspeak
  • स्वयं की देखभाल एवं यौनिकता – read here
  • What Makes Sexuality Education Comprehensive? Exploring the Indian context – a working paper from TARSHI – download here
  • Sexuality and Disability in the Indian Context – a working paper from TARSHI – download here
  • TARSHI’s publications on Sexuality Education – visit here to know more
    • The Red Book: What You Want to Know About Yourself (for children aged 10-14)
    • The Blue Book: What You Want to Know About Yourself (for children and young people aged 15 and above) 
    • The Yellow Book: A Parent’s Guide to Sexuality Education
    • The Orange Book: A Teachers’ Workbook on Sexuality
  • Good Times for Everyone: Sexuality Questions, Feminist Answers – know more here
  • Sexy Times During the Pandemic: A Report of Two Dipstick Surveys by TARSHI 
  • Sexuality Weblinks: A list of suggested resources to learn more about the many aspects of sexuality, here 
  • Helplines for Various Concerns, here