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From 2019, TARSHI has focused its work on efforts towards creating Safe, Inclusive, Self-Affirming, or SISA spaces.

A SISA space offers an environment that is non-judgmental, rights-based and self-affirming, where people can feel safe and free from fear to talk about, learn about and/or experience their sexuality and wellbeing.

It is an ideal we wish to work towards, where sexuality is no longer surrounded by shame or taboo.

What makes a space SISA? 

What makes a space SISA? Below this image are the points from this graphic. A SISA space is a positive and accepting space, one that allows for both individual growth and social awareness.

  • Access to correct, unbiased information that leads to better choices around one’s sexual and reproductive health
  • Self-affirming and accepting of one’s pursuit of choices
  • Non-judgmental environment with an emphasis on self-care and wellbeing
  • A space where one’s identity and personal space are respected
  • Pleasure-affirming approach to sexuality and Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR) instead of fear-based approach
  • Protection from discrimination, sexual harassment and violence

We are in the process of developing guidelines that could help organisations make their workspaces (in the traditional or the post-COVID-19 sense of the word!) SISA. Come back here in a few months for more!