Timepass, as many of us from India would know, means engaging in an activity which is considered aimless or not ‘productive’! Taking out time in our day to do some leisurely activity without feeling guilty for it is what we bring in this section. Where timepass is perceived as ‘less productive’ and leisure often has gendered and classist connotations. Let’s defy all that and take out time from our work and responsibilities to just chill here – with no apologies!


Here are ideas for quick ways to break ice during work meetings, some of which we have been doing in TARSHI’s virtual staff meetings during COVID-19 times! These break the monotony and give us a chance to know each other better – a fun way to connect and laugh! For more ideas, here is a PDF you can download


Creating things that are tangible – things one can see, touch and enjoy – can be a satisfying and a pleasurable act.  

Out of many such things, cooking can be a joyful act for some. It is also often seen as a daily boring chore and can become a laborious task especially in a patriarchal world where women are responsible for making sure that everyone at home is well fed.  Nevertheless there are some who enjoy cooking and feel connected in the act of bringing ingredients together to explore creating something.  

According to Here’s Help, cooking as therapy is effective because it encourages creativity. Cooking also makes people feel good about themselves because it’s a way for them to nurture others. For most dishes, there is also a sense of immediate gratification. 

Food can also be a means of joy, if not keen on making it, one can always enjoy relishing it.  Sometimes the very sight of food pictures can boost one’s mood. Here are some comfort foods of India.

When the whole world went on a lockdown during the pandemic in 2020, many people took to cooking, revisiting their long lost passion or adopting a new found hobby.


Music can be a very good de-stressor. Many of us have our one go-to song or playlist to boost our energy or to have a calming effect, whatever is that one might want at that time.

Fun Activities


Where’s the Unicorn? Free App. Follow a colorful blessing of globetrotting unicorns as they gallop around the world on an incredible whistle-stop tour.





Looking for a way to relax and unwind between tasks or on the daily commute? Here’s another free App, Colour Therapy that offers just that.





Where’s The Meerkat?  This free search App challenges you to find a family of 10 meerkats among each colourful and vibrant scene in their adventures.



Try playing this. Touch 1 to 50 as fast you can!