This page has a list of readings for both individual and collective care.

Sexuality and Self-care

With TARSHI’s pleasure affirming perspective, we understand that sexuality and self-care is connected and they interplay in our sexual expressions, freedom to make choices and the way we see ourselves as sexual beings.  Read more about these in this section.

Activism and Self-care

Collective and Self-care are key elements to help sustain our work and movements and the articles in this section include some manuals, guides and general tips for activists, to prevent stress and burnout.

COVID and Self-care

Keeping with the times during which this website is launched, we have added some articles for you to go through in the form of guidance manuals, webinars and tips, some reliable resources to fall back during the pandemic.

We would really appreciate if you have come across any readings that you could suggest. Please use the form at the end of this page to share your suggestions. 

A self-care approach to life – and sexuality

 Self-Care and Masturbation – Let’s Give It the Female Perspective It Deserves

18 Sex And Body Affirmations To Shift Your Mojo

 27 Positive Affirmations for Sexual Confidence

How Sex-Care Became a Cornerstone of Self-Care


How to Practice Self Care As A Rights Activist

Self-Care and Self-Defense Manual for Feminist Activists

In Photos: Navigating Through The Politics Of Self-Care

 The Politics of Self Care and Feminism

Self-care and prevention of burnout among activists – tools for everyday life

5 Self Care Tips for Activists — ‘Cause Being Woke Shouldn’t Mean Your Spirit’s Broke

Self-Care and Sustaining Activism: Infographic

Gratitude {A Self-care Strategy}

13 Disability self-care tips for my fellow disabled babes

Activist burnout and self-care

The Politics of Mental Health and Wellbeing

Is stress affecting your ability to focus?- a collection of webinars and videos on mental health issues

Women, Health and Covid-19: Women’s Mental Health in the Times of Coronavirus

Locked Down in the Time of COVID-19: Safety and Self-Care for Queer and Trans Persons

Mental Health in the times of COVID-19 Pandemic Guidance for General Medical and Specialised Mental Health Care Settings

Psychosocial Well-Being  of  Migrants  in Shelters

COVID-19 and Mental Health

The relevance of resilience during disasters

Essential Self-Care Habits to Follow During Covid (Especially If You Have a History of Trauma)

Some simple exercises that might help for those distressed by the COVID-19 Pandemic

Feminist Self-Care and Solidarity in times of Coronavirus

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