Create your own toolkit

When you are having one of those bad days and you seem to feel overwhelmed, sometimes just having a piece of chocolate might lift the mood. Or it could be looking at a picture of your loved ones placed at your work desk.  

What if you are able to curate your own items that can give you a break from a stressful day? Just like you might keep an emergency medical kit at home or office, why not have a self-care toolkit?

As self-care is a daily routine, you could consider to plan to create your own toolkit that can come handy. Something you know will brighten your day, relax your mind, boost your energy, pamper you. Having a toolkit could remind you that you have something safe and easy to reach out to, whenever you want.

While a variety of items comfort each one of us at different days, you could create your own personalised self-care toolkit. Something that fits in a bag or box that is easily accessible for you at home and workplace. You could keep one ready-made kit to carry around during your travels.  

Anything that makes you feel good can go in a toolkit. We have some suggestions on items you can add to your own self-care toolkit, just so you could start with some ideas!!

Reflection: Hand Mirror

A mirror to reflect – both literally and figuratively.  A mirror can be a great way to engage with your body and the perceptions around it.  You could use one to build a positive body image, to become more aware about your physical body especially concerning one’s sexuality and explore your intimacy with your body.  

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Health care: Face mask

A large part of self-care is also taking care of one’s health. During pandemic times, what better item than keeping a face mask handy. Face masks are believed to reduce the risk of the spread of virus. And also protect from pollution in the air.

Beauty care: Nail paint

Depending on your preference, you could consider adding a nail paint to your kit.  

A blog about issues related to non-binary people, talks about My nails and gender identity.

Ironically, although polished nails – from intricate designs to simple one-shade manicures – have long been seen as feminine, nail polish has actually been around since 3200 BCE, and back then, it was used by men. 

Source: Could Nail Art Be the Next Frontier of Gender-Neutral Beauty?

Body care: Eye mask

More and more, our eyes are over-worked with increased screen time. An eye mask can help in reducing the light and relax the eyes. A few minutes of break with an eye mask on, can be rejuvenating. They could also improve your sleep quality.  Apart from the typical eye masks made out of a soft fabric, alternatively there are also cool gel eye masks.  

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Visual: Photo 

A picture of a loved one or a memorable travel picture framed can be an instant boost to energy reminding of the fun times. Also an image from nature or that of a pet as a wallpaper can be an option.

Source: Simply gazing at images that have the seemingly magical power to ease your mind and look more at These 5 Relaxing Images Will Bring You Instant Calm.

If you are keen on knowing more about guided imagery meditation, hop on to our Meditation page.

Audio: Music

It’s a known fact that music has a tendency to lift our mood and relax our mind.  So why not keep a playlist ready for you to listen to.  

If you want to add your go-song to our playlist, visit our Timepass page.

Touch: Stress Ball

A squishy stress ball is supposed to relieve stress and also relax the hand muscles. It can help you concentrate and cut away the clutter of noises. Using a stress ball not just exercises the stressed muscles around your wrist area and your arm, but gives you a mini workout of sorts.  Using stress balls on a regular basis could alleviate stress levels, sometimes even working faster than meditation to show benefits.

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Taste: Chocolate

When it comes to taking care of our health, eating more chocolate isn’t typically the first thing that comes to mind. After all, we’ve no doubt heard of the benefits of getting plenty of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes, and healthy fats on our plates. While that may be true, there’s ample evidence (if we need it!), that including a bit of cacao and other sweet indulgences into our diet is good for us.

Source: 5 Health Reasons Why Chocolate Totally Belongs in Your Self-Care Routine 

Smell: Essential Oils

Some essential oils such as lavender, rosemary and pepper mint have calming effect and helps in reducing stress levels. You could visit our page on Aromatherapy to know more.  You could keep a small bottle of any essential oil that works for you.

25 Things to Put in Your Self-Care Kit

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