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Screenshot of a website called 'Parents.com' which shows a family - a man, a woman and a child leaning on them

Review: Family and Sexuality on the Internet

I am attempting to review public conversation for and by the Indian family on Family and Sexuality on the Internet. I tell myself that on the content-rich Internet it should be easy to review this. I Google the search term ‘Family and Sexuality in India’. It’s an oops moment for me. Combining the words ‘Family’…
A person with short dark hair reads TARSHI's The Yellow Book

Review: The Yellow Book

After the endless media coverage of the horrific gangrape in December 2012, words like rape, sex, vagina and so on have made far more appearance in common parlance than they ever had before. With a very curious 6 year old and an 8 year old on the verge of his tweens, I’ve worked hard to…