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Cut-outs of selfies of various people stuck on a yellow wall. On the top is pasted in black cut-out paper, "Exhibiting the self". Cut-outs of music symbols are pasted in between the selfies.
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Brushstrokes: Songs of Selfies

The songs of selfies played its colourful tune, with selfies coming out as musical notes from the gramophone kept at the corner. ‘Exhibiting the Self’, a photo exhibition organised by Gender Studies/School of Human Studies (Ambedkar University Delhi) on March 13, 2015 was a novel way to introspect and delve upon the gendered aspects that dwell in every click of ours.

The exhibition had all sorts of selfies, from groupfies, to pouts, to swagger, to innovation, to artistic ones, to happy memories, to self-portraits. You name it and the wall had it. The exhibition brought the selfies to life and the selfies narrated the inextricability of gender from our selves. It was an assemblage of technology, gender, sexuality and the self.


Editor’s Note: The credits for the photographs of the exhibition go to the author, Pallavi. Each photograph displayed on the wall is a selfie, taken by individuals in the photograph.

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