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Coming soon! A new TARSHI online course on stress management and burnout prevention 

Stress management and burnout prevention as core aspects of mental and emotional wellbeing, especially among those of us in people work, are only beginning to get the attention they deserve, compared to the enormous need. However, there are not enough, simple or accessible resources to help understand mental health and wellbeing, self-care, to identify stress, and create environmental, organisational, and individual stress prevention and relief methods. Additionally, there are few resources on stress management and burnout prevention in the Indian context, or those that bring in intersections of gender and sexuality.

Our online course ‘Reflect, Realign, Renew: Manage stress & keep burnout away’ aims to address these gaps. This short course (3-3.5 hours long) introduces learners to concepts like stress, burnout, self-care and collective care, and create a menu of practices for their stress management and burnout prevention. Watch the video below to know more about the course.

The course helps learners understand how one’s gender, sexuality and other identities can influence stress and burnout, because understanding that each person experiences stress in unique ways will help the learner broaden their perspective of stress and its implications. The course looks at stress not just as an individual concern, but also as a result of the institutions and systems one is a part of. It also examines whether there is any kind of stress that can be good for the individual. The course highlights issues of stress and burnout among people  doing people work, whether paid or unpaid, such as caregiving, counselling and activism. It also presents various techniques and tools that are simple and applicable in learners’ self-care and collective care practices. At the end of the course learners will also be able to create or renew their menu of practices to nurture their wellbeing.

The course will be launched in a few weeks, so watch this space or follow us on FacebookInstagramLinkedIn, or Twitter. You could also write to us at to be informed when the course has launched.