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Want to focus on your wellbeing and mental health? Wondering where to begin?

TARSHI’s new eCourse can help.

Inaugural price: INR 3,500 1,000 + GST

Stress is a part of our lives and comes from a variety of sources. Some of these are in our control, some are not.

No matter the source, stress affects our physical, emotional, and mental wellbeing. Prolonged stress can lead to burnout.

How can you prevent or manage stress and ensure it doesn’t progress to burnout?

TARSHI’s new eCourse can help you reflect, realign, and renew, to manage stress and keep burnout away.



An eCourse to help you understand stress management from a nuanced perspective.

Learn how gender, sexuality, and one’s multiple identities can intersect in causing stress, so you can manage it better.

Explore why stress is not just an individual concern, but also institutional & systemic. That means managing and preventing stress is the responsibility of the individual and the collectives they belong to.

Are you doing people work? Examine and deal with the unique stress faced by those in people work, such as activists, counsellors, people in the development sector and other helping professions.

· Understand what stress and burnout are

· Identify your UNIQUE causes of stress

· Get a variety of tools and tips for self-care and collective care

· Create a menu of practices to help manage stress and prevent burnout


Here’s a look into the contents of the eCourse. Register today for an inaugural price of INR 1,000 + GST! We’re only accepting Indian payment options now, but please write to us at mail [at] tarshi [dot] net if you’re overseas and interested in the eCourse and we’ll get back to you.