Self-care Essentials is TARSHI’s attempt to get those doing people work to think more actively about stress in our lives, and about reducing stress and preventing burnout through self-care and collective care. TARSHI does not claim to be an expert in the subject. We want to use our years of experience in this area to take this conversation to more people, and to enrich it by adding layers that reflect the diversity of human lives and experiences.

This website is not a substitute for therapy or further help that one may require. The contents of this website are not intended for use by those below the age of 18.

In compiling resources for this website, we have done our best to maintain a rights-based approach – that respects diversity and is non-judgmental about people’s diverse identities and experiences. We have attempted to ensure all TARSHI content and external resources incorporate this lens.

That said, we are aware that the content is primarily in English. Additionally, there are not too many resources that bring in the intersections of mental health, self-care, sexuality, disability and several other marginalisations, including caste, race, and location. A big part of the content, especially external resources we link to, may be from the global North and western in perspective, and therefore may not be directly relatable to the Global South or South Asian contexts, but we have included them because we see value in what they offer. We also regret that most of the audio or video content do not have sign language interpretation, closed captions, or video descriptions.

We know that is quite a list of gaps, but this website is a work in progress, and we seek your help in improving its content and accessibility. We invite you to be a collaborator in this journey with us. If you have come across good resources that can address the above gaps, or did not enjoy your experience with any of the resources we have suggested, please let us know. You can write to us at We are also looking for volunteers to help us make this site more accessible. This website is a live resource, and we seek to regularly update it to make it more Safe, Inclusive, and Sexuality-Affirming.