Jin Shin

Jin Shin Jyutsu

Jin Shin Jyutsu is a healing art that facilitates the flow of energy in the body. Originating in Japan, this is based on the premise that the cause of all illness such as mental, emotional, and physical, is a blockage in the flow of energy.

TARSHI has used this practice in some of our workshops on Stress Management and Burnout Prevention and here is what a participant shared about it.

“Always wanted to learn techniques which would help me in stress release. Thanks for sharing this information…JIN SHIN JYUTSU and EFT will be a part of my routine from now onwards; thanks a ton!” – from a workshop conducted for a women’s rights group

It is said that by simply holding your thumbs and fingers for a few minutes each, every day, you can help harmonise all 144,000 of our energy functions. Better yet, the effect of holding each thumb and finger is cumulative so the more you hold, the better you can feel.

Below are the basic self help finger holds with some explanation of what ‘issues’ holding each finger can help. Hold whichever side feels more comfortable.

Universal Art to Boost Energy and Balance Emotions

Have a look at the video: The Art of Jin Shin to learn about this Japanese practice, where  each finger is held for a few breaths. Each finger represents something – thumb is a worry, the index finger is fear, and then anger, sadness and trying too hard.