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How can you use Self-care Essentials?

The website has various types of content, so feel free to explore it depending on what catches your fancy today! While the website has been created keeping in mind those who do people work, we are confident that the resources can be useful for anyone looking for ways to reduce stress.

You could go into any page anytime, though we recommend the Start here page as it explains who this website is for, why, and the fundamentals of stress, burnout, and self-care.

The Resources section under Self-care contains exercises of different kinds.
Some help you identify things that give you joy.
A few are to help you understand your emotions, reactions and responses.

But we know self-care is just one part of stress management and burnout prevention, so we have resources looking at these topics through a collective lens too.

Some of these will help you reflect on your journey so far to help you understand how you may want to move forward, be it as an individual or as someone part of a larger collective, organisation, or movement.

The Ideas for you section puts you in the driver’s seat: how do you imagine your self-care, and how would you like to set up or strengthen processes for collective care in your space? This section features a host of ideas to get you started.

You will also find links to other work by TARSHI which could help you act on self-care and collective care. For instance, would a training for your colleagues on sexuality be useful? Perhaps a resource on sexuality and disability, or some guidelines on framing self-care policies for your organisation? Or maybe you could read about how parents/concerned adults can talk to children about sexuality?

In case any resource has information that could be potentially triggering, we have the words “Tread Carefully”!

A last note before you jump into the worksheets – the explanations or suggestions we have given on how the exercises can help are illustrative only, and how you use them is up to you!