Art therapy

Art Therapy

Art therapy, which comes under the broader umbrella of creative therapy, encourages people to express and understand emotions through artistic expression and through the creative process. Creating or experiencing (viewing/listening to) art created by others, has been used to help people explore emotions, develop self-awareness, cope with stress, boost self-esteem, and work on social skills.

While formal Art Therapy integrates psychotherapeutic techniques with the creative process to improve mental health and well-being, we are using the term here in a more general sense.

TARSHI has used arts-based practices in some of our workshops on Stress Management and Burnout Prevention.

Scroll below for videos from various trained arts-based therapists. We hope these give you calm and joy!

Further below are more ideas for you.

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Bapu Trust offers a certificate course on Arts Based Therapy [ABT], with a focus on psychosocial health and disabilities, within the overall frame of inclusion in development.

Michael O’Mara Books has some fun colouring activities that you could practice online here.

Creativity can be a wonderful way to support your mental health, and with everything going on in the world, it might be an especially healing and underrated mode of self-care right now.

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