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Who We Are

We believe that all people have the right to sexual wellbeing and to a self-affirming and enjoyable sexuality.

TARSHI supports and enables people’s control and agency over their sexual and reproductive health and wellbeing, within a human rights framework.

We approach issues of sexuality and wellbeing from an affirmative, rights-based perspective, without restricting ourselves to a disease-prevention or a violence against women or sexual minorities framework.

Focus Areas

What We Do

Trainings & workshops
On sexuality, SRHR, counselling skills, and stress management and burnout prevention.

Online Learning
In-depth and short online courses for individuals and organisations to understand and apply knowledge of sexuality, SRHR, and wellbeing.
A wealth of resources on SRHR, sexuality and wellbeing, including books, reports, guides and manuals, in English and Hindi.

Awareness & Outreach
Events, panel discussions, reading circles and stalls at college fests and literary events to raise awareness on SRHR, CSE and wellbeing.

In Plainspeak
An eMagazine that seeks to nurture a safe, inclusive, and positive space to generate awareness and conversation on difficult and sensitive issues around sexuality, SRHR and wellbeing.
Towards SISA Spaces
Exploring policies and practices to build SISA (Safe, Inclusive, Self-Affirming) spaces, focusing on people from LGBTQIA+ communities, disability, psychosocial wellbeing and anti-discrimination.

What's New

Pathways to safe and inclusive schools: How can CSE help?
How has training in Comprehensive Sexuality Education helped teachers? Read our latest case study

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Curious to know about sexuality? Read TARSHI’s Frequently Asked Questions

‘Is masturbation wrong?’ ‘Can I get pregnant if I kiss a man?’ ‘What makes someone gay?’ ‘Is sexuality education about teaching children sex?’ Myths, misconceptions and confusion around sexuality, SRHR and CSE abound even as social media and online platforms offer many (and sometimes confusing) answers. Find answers to common questions on SRHR, Sex and pleasure, Identities, Rights and CSE here