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About Us

TARSHI supports and enables people’s control and agency over their sexual and reproductive health and wellbeing through information dissemination, knowledge and perspective building, within a human rights framework. 

We are currently working towards creating Safe, Inclusive, Self-Affirming, or SISA spaces.

A SISA space offers an environment that is non-judgmental, rights-based and sexuality-affirming, where people can feel safe and free from fear to talk about, learn about and/or experience their sexuality and sexual wellbeing. It is an ideal we wish to work towards, where sexuality is no longer surrounded by shame or taboo.

The following goals guide us in our work towards SISA spaces.

#1 Service providers* adopt a rights-based approach to sexuality, Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR) and/or counselling for SRHR issues, in order to work towards SISA spaces

#2 People, especially young people, have rights-based, affirmative information on sexuality to make informed choices about their sexuality and Sexual and Reproductive Health

#3 Organisations (specifically, NGOs and schools) have resources to assist them in aligning their policies with SISA and rights-based approaches.

*Service Providers include teachers, NGO staff, health service providers, queer community members, parents/ caregivers, counsellors, students training to be teachers or health service providers (e.g. medical students), and corporate staff members.

To learn more about our goals in action, please visit ‘Our Work’.

our history

TARSHI founded one of India’s earliest helplines focused on sexuality and SRH issues. It operated until 2009 and received more than 60,000 calls
The first two books of its now much-loved sexuality education series published - The Red Book (10-14 year olds) and The Blue Book (15+ year olds) in English and Hindi.
Set up and hosted the South and Southeast Asia Resource Centre on Sexuality. The Centre, operational until 2009, included Regional Institutes on Sexuality, Society and Culture and a library of books on sexuality from the region.
Launched In Plainspeak, a quarterly print magazine on sexuality and rights. It remained in print till 2009 and was relaunched in 2013 as an eMagazine
Published Basics and Beyond: Integrating Sexuality, Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights - A Manual for Trainers. This manual formed the basis of our trainings and online courses on SRHR.
Launched a working paper on Sexuality and Disability in the Indian Context, one of the earliest Indian resources on issues on sexuality and SRH in the lives of people with disabilities. It was updated in 2018.
First online course Basics and Beyond on sexuality and SRHR launched. Our online course portfolio today has 3 more courses.
Held a training on Stress Management and Burnout Prevention for counsellors in Nepal after the devastating earthquakes. We regularly conduct trainings on Sexuality Counselling Skills, and on Stress Management & Burnout Prevention for human rights defenders and those doing people work.
Published What Makes Sexuality Education Comprehensive? A Working Paper on CSE in India, documenting the evolving nature and status of Sexuality Education in the country.
Launched Self-care Essentials: Resources for People doing People Work

Our Team

Areeb Ahmad
Programme Associate

Areeb likes to work on the intersections of gender and sexuality in literature. He enjoys exploring how the personal and the political, form and content, interact in art. In his free time, he blogs about books on his Instagram.

Ayesha Khaliq
Senior Programme Associate

Supports TARSHI with capacity strengthening, information dissemination, and outreach activities. A post-graduate from LSE with interests in gender, sexuality, and SRHR. She enjoys petting dogs, discovering new coffee shops, and travelling.

Kiran Arora
Manager Human Resources and Administration

Handles TARSHI’s Admin, HR and Finance functions. Likes to travel, draw, paint, and explore new things.

Nandhini Jaishankar
Senior Programme Associate

Nandhini believes in the power of advocacy for social change. She has completed her Masters in Development Studies from the Institute of Development Studies, University of Sussex, UK. Her interest lies in reading about gender and sexuality, travelling and trying different cuisines.

Prabha Nagaraja
Executive Director

Began her deeply satisfying journey at TARSHI as a Helpline counsellor before moving on to training and managerial roles. Her other passion, besides TARSHI lies in energy healing modalities.

Radhika Chandiramani
Founder and Consultant

A Clinical Psychologist by training and a dreamer at heart, she writes (and also edits). Her main areas of interest are sexuality and rights, and her cat, dog, and plants.

Raghunandan Kumar
Office Assistant

Keeps the office up and running with administrative and logistical support. Enjoys travelling and spending time with his child.

Ramya Anand
Co-lead, Programmes

Works on TARSHI’s capacity strengthening, outreach initiatives, programmatic ideation, and implementation. Interested in creating self-affirming content on sexuality. A people and a dog person, dreams about travel and loves to cook new cuisines.

Shahar Bano-1
Shahar Bano
Housekeeping Staff

Maintains our office and helps keep team members fortified with coffee and tea!

Shikha Aleya
Communications and Research Officer

Based in India, writer, seeker, roadie, travels with Dog Dustyray, exploring life hacks over decades. A post-graduate from XLRI, works with TARSHI and In Plainspeak, and maps multiple territories as content consultant and writing coach.

Vani Viswanathan
Co-lead, Programmes

Works across TARSHI’s diverse activities on capacity strengthening, advocacy and information dissemination. Avid reader, writer of personal essays and short fiction, and occasional singer. 


Funders, Financials & POLICIES

For details of our current and past funders, click here. Visit this page for financials. Learn about our organisational policies here.

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