Welcome to this eLearning Course adapted from TARSHI's The Orange Book: A Teachers’ Workbook on Sexuality, by our team of experts.

Based on TARSHI’s experiences of working with teachers and educators, we are aware that it is often difficult to become sexuality educators with little preparation or scope to explore one’s own doubts and feelings about gender, sex, sexuality. Keeping this in mind, TARSHI developed The Orange Book in 2010, which is a workbook for teachers with 28 exercises aimed at helping them provide CSE with confidence and ease. The book has been well received by the teachers and schools in different parts of India, and now we aim to increase the reach of the information presented in the book in the form of this interactive eLearning course.

Each exercise in this course is like an interactive workbook with no extra assignments to be done other than the exercises within the course. Continued support is provided to learners via email and/or Facebook closed groups.

This six-module eLearning certificate course is available at a nominal fee (non-refundable). If you are interested in taking the course please pre-register here and we will send you an email with all the information you need to take the course.

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  • What are the objectives of the course?

    • To understand Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE) as being more than ‘sex-ed’ and to reflect on the need for Comprehensive Sexuality Education.
    • To fill the gap created by the lack of teacher training on CSE and equip young professionals with skills to engage with sexual and reproductive health issues within a school setting.
    • To help teachers and educators gain comfort and confidence around addressing sexuality related topics in the classroom.
    • To provide information and ideas for teachers and educators for introduction of sexuality related topics in day-to-day work.
    • To provide concrete examples, case studies and scenarios to facilitate discussion on serious and relevant issues within the classroom.
  • What is this course about?

    • This eLearning Course is designed for teachers as a virtual platform for learning and engaging with Comprehensive Sexuality Education and with sexual and reproductive health and rights from an affirmative, rights based perspective.
    • The course uses newspaper articles, storytelling, case studies, academic articles and multimedia resources that have been woven into TARSHI’s core content to address sensitive and challenging issues related to young people and sexuality education.
    • Designed to be taken online, it melds together a wide range of learning styles and requires both introspection and interaction with the interface.
    • This provides exposure to various concepts such as CSE, Sexuality, Gender and on topics such as body image, technology and its influence on young people, harassment of teachers and students, etc. and also provides a space for self reflection and values clarification.
  • What is the structure of the course?

    • The course has six Modules and each Module has 3-4 chapterswith exercises and assignments that cover basic concepts along with more complex issues and require participants to reflect upon related issues from their work place and professional experience.The chapters combine technical content with programme principles, best practices, and case studies.
    • Each of the six Modules is expected to take around 2.5 hours to complete. The learner is expected to complete the course over a period of no longer than one month.

    • Module 1 is titled Basics of CSE and is a foundational module on understanding the need for CSE. There are 2 chapters in all that engage with various aspects of CSE and help reflect on whether sexuality education is a good idea. It also includes a values clarification component.

      Module 2 is titled Clarifying Concepts and has its 2 chapters on sexuality, gender and rights. It is designed to provide a broad understanding of sexuality and its connections with gender.

      Module 3 is titled The Biology of it alland contains 2 chapters that cover the following topics – sexual and reproductive anatomy, conception, contraception and abortion, STIs and RTIs and safer sex.

      Module 4 is titled Body Basics and consists of 2 chapters. The chapters provide a deeper understanding of body image and self-esteem, as well as knowledge in relation to disability and sexuality, and technology trends.

      Module 5 is titled Power Play. The 2 chapters that make up this module address power in the context of sexuality, stigma and discrimination and also examine issues such as Harassment and Child Sexual Abuse.

      Module 6 is titled Heart of the Matter and consists of 2 chapters. The two chapters examine values and principles as well as ethical dilemmas around sexuality, sexual and reproductive health and rights related issues.

  • What School Teachers & Counsellors have to say about CSE

    “…in the present day with the excessive amount of peer pressure that children experience, it is vital that they are provided with sexuality education.”
    -Teacher, 12th grade

    “… the teacher or counselor needs to reflect on their own personal values in order to talk about sexuality and SRHR with children. Also, parents often have often expressed that they are helpless and unable to deal with their child’s problems.”
    -School Counsellor

    “…Child Sexual Abuse cases occur even with children under the age of 5, which is why it is important to teach young children about good touch and bad touch. It is important for teachers to  be experts and have adequate knowledge while talking to children about such issues, due to the sensitive nature of the issues.”
    -Teacher, 4th grade

     “…there is a need for teachers to know the right language to be able to explain and deal with issues of sexuality.”
    -Teacher 7th grade

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