Long Courses

TARSHI’s long courses comprise a balance of information around many dimensions of sexuality from a socio-cultural, legal, and scientific lens. Given the longer duration of these courses, they nudge learners to understand deeply and comprehensively as well as relate to their own subjective experiences issues around sexuality and sexual and reproductive health and rights such as anatomy, gender identity and sexual orientation, consent, as well as, to tread more complex areas of locating subjects such as sex work and surrogacy within a human rights framework. Our courses blend ‘Readings’ with audio-visual content, printable resources, case studies, and factual as well as subjective assessments for holistic, individual-centric learning. Our long courses, namely Basics and Beyond, Beyond Basics, and Comprehensive Sexuality Education (for educators) spread out an array of information and exercises such as multiple choice questions, case studies, and prompts to relate concepts around sexuality and SRHR to our personal lives and larger contexts over a duration of 12-15 hours.