TARSHI has been working on sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR), and wellbeing since 1996. Our eLearning courses have been designed to build and strengthen the capacity of individuals as well as institutions to understand and apply knowledge of sexuality and SRHR in their lives and at work.

Short courses

TARSHI’s short courses are designed to give learners an in-depth understanding of a particular subject in the span of 2-5 hours. Brief yet expansive, these courses combine a range of elements such as case studies, audio-visual content, and objective, multiple-choice assessments for holistic learning.

Long courses

TARSHI’s long courses comprise a balance of information around many dimensions of sexuality from a socio-cultural, legal, and scientific lens. They nudge learners to understand deeply and comprehensively as well as relate to their own subjective experiences issues around sexuality and sexual and reproductive health and rights.

What we offer


Gain a deeper and intersectional understanding of information on gender and sexuality

Perspective building

Broaden your perspective on rights-based pleasure affirming aspects of sexuality


Learn to apply the concepts of gender and sexuality in your work, be it, development organisations, educational institutes or corporate spaces


Earn a certificate on completion of the course and download rich resources for future reference

What learners say

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