Who we are

TARSHI is an NGO based in New Delhi, India. We work to disseminate information, generate knowledge, and build perspective on  sexual and reproductive health and rights, and sexual wellbeing from an affirmative and rights-based lens in India and the Global South. We work towards creating Safe, Inclusive and Self-Affirming (in the context of gender and sexuality) or SISA spaces, which are non-judgmental, rights-based and sexuality-affirming environments, where sexuality is not surrounded by shame or taboo.

About eLearning

TARSHI has been working on sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR), and wellbeing since 1996. Using theoretical as well as on-ground expertise, we launched our first eLearning course in 2011, followed with another in 2016 and the latest one in 2020, hosting learners from India, Bangladesh, Nepal, and even Lebanon and Mongolia besides others. Our eLearning courses have been designed to build and strengthen the capacity of individuals as well as institutions to understand and apply knowledge of sexuality and SRHR in their lives and at work.

These courses have been tailor-made to fit an online format and are offered in three modes:

Moderated mode

An interactive platform where engagement with course material and discussions related to the subject is moderated by trainers in closed Facebook groups over a pre-decided period of time.

Self-paced mode

Steered entirely by the learner, who can access and engage with the course at their convenience, within a specified period from date of registration.

Blended mode

Ties together self-paced learning with a two-day face-to-face session called ‘Contact Classes’ to gain greater insight, ask questions, and clarify concepts.