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There are many wonderful resources we want to share with you that do not strictly fall under a particular category we had envisaged, so we have put them here. We hope you enjoy this list. It includes resources from or for the public, for healthcare professionals and scientists, for parents, and for journalists, among others.
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COVID-19: Tackling the Novel Coronavirus

A course “to learn the latest of what we know about COVID-19, presented by international experts.” Note: This course is provided for personal use only and not for any commercial, professional medical or business purpose.

Online Course General London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, UK
Indian Scientists’ Response to CoViD-19

A website putting together the efforts of a group of Indian scientists with different specialisations in response to COVID-19.

Resources General A group of Indian scientists who have come together
Responsive parenting for young children in times of COVID-19

A discussion led by three panelists with tips for parents of young children on managing the children during the lockdown.

Webinar (recording) Parents Sphere India
India Fights COVID

A collaborative initiative that houses content and creative materials, related to COVID-19, curated by an editorial team.

Resources General Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and other NITI Aayog Development Partners
Government Advisory for Senior Citizens

A government advisory for senior citizens aged above 60 and their caregivers, containing guidelines in the form of a 'Do's and Don'ts' list for the safety and well-being of the former.

Tips and tools + resources Senior Citizens Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment
Psychosocial Support for Children during COVID-19

A manual developed to support Childine and caregivers, in providing support to children, from ages 6 to 19, during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Tips and tools + resources Children UNICEF, Childline
Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) Pandemic: A handbook for journalists

A handbook for journalists to encourage accurate, fair and balanced reporting during the COVID crisis.

Tips and tools + resources Journalists UNICEF
Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19): A resource in Hindi

An information resource on Coronavirus (COVID-19) available in Hindi, Bengali, Urdu and a number of other languages.

Resources General Hesperian Health Guides
COVID resources India

A google drive of COVID resources put together by a number of volunteers of the LSR alumni association, to share verified information with people.

Resources General ELSA- LSR Alumni Association
State of Healthcare Workers During COVID-19

A short video on the conditions in which healthcare professionals have been working in India during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Resources General Feminism In India
Ethics and Consent in Photography

This is the first part of a "webinar series that aims to look at what visual research and archiving looks like in a COVID-19 and post COVID-19 world. This online web meeting was held on 15 May 2020 via Zoom on ethics and consent in photography, and the issues and challenges in capturing private lives and intimate settings."

Webinar (recording) General Zubaan Books
A Doctor's Note On Everday COVID-19 Precautions

An article by a Delhi surgeon Dr. Ambarish Satwick on the COVID-19 pandemic, with some simple everyday measures to follow to protect ourselves from COVID-19.

Resources General
Religion, Faith and Feminist Thought

A session on feminist engagement with institutionalised religion and personal faith.

Webinar (recording) General Feminist Multilogues + Sangat
Youth Insight Report

A report that "details the situation of young people during the lockdown across the country", along with recommendations for a response to the pandemic that is inclusive of the realities of young people.

Resources General The YP Foundation
Love In The Times of Corona Virus

A quick social media guide on how to negotiate love and relationships during a global pandemic.

Resources General The YP Foundation
COVID Talks: A Pandemic of Power and Exclusion

An episode from CREA's webinar series highlighting the voices of feminist academics and practitioners from the global South. The first episode talks about the structures of power in society and the discrimination meted out to vulnerable groups and communities during the COVID-19 pandemic, with speakers from India, Sri Lanka and Turkey.

Webinar (recording) General CREA
COVID Risk Perception Research Report

The report, based on in-depth interviews conducted with people living in diverse backgrounds and data collected through an online survey, provides the account of lived experiences of people alongwith insights for improving risk communication during the pandemic. The primary resarch was conducted in Pune, Maharashtra.

Resources General Prayas Health Group
Ekta Koni Nahiye

Prayas, in collaboration with the Maharashtra state health department and NHM, has created this video in Marathi language, to prevent stigma and discrimination against covid 19 patients.

Resources General Prayas Health Group
Stop The Spread

This 1 minute short film shows how to create a speed bump between impulse and action, to stop the spread of corona virus related misinformation.

Resources General BBC Media Action
How To Spot Real Heroes

A short film celebrating the role that sanitation workers play in keeping communities hygienic and healthy, launched in June 2020 on social media.

Resources General BBC Media Action
Militarism, masculinities, COVID-19, and resistance: An online dialogue

This webinar explores the links between racial injustice, COVID-19, militarism, and masculinities.

Webinar (recording) General MenEngage Alliance
COVID-19: Getting it Wrong, Making it Worse

This paper is a part of a lecture series on COVID-19 by lawyer, activist and author Suranya Aiyar. It is a critique of how the states and governing bodies are dealing with the COVID crisis and how they need to work towards resolving the multifold issues. 

Resources General COVID Lectures
We May Develop Medications Effective Against COVID-19, but Can We Distribute Them Equitably?

With the growing number of COVID cases in the USA, it has been highlighted that persons of lower socioeconomic status may be at greater risk of complications. This resource talks about the "additional disparities that must be addressed for there to be meaningful chance that these medications can help this at-risk population".

Resources General ARROW
Mumbai Slums' Battle with COVID Defies Early Predictions

Suranya Aiyar's article challenges the popular notion of COVID-19 being "driven by poverty and congestion" using data from slums in Mumbai and favelas in Brazil.

Resources General NDTV
Laws in the Time of Corona

The article talks about some laws "which are helping the administration in containing the spread of the virus".

Resources General Citizens for Justice and Peace
Health Reporting in India Maybe Injurious to Public Health

Underlining the apathy that the govt has towards healthcare policies, this article shows how a pandemic could be used by the media as a divisive tool to fuel communal tensions, highlighting the genuine lack of acknowledgment of the problems of healthcare workers and the methods to improve the system thereon.

Resources General Feminism In India
COVID-19: Significant Judgements of Indian High Courts

An article on the major High Court decisions on many issues related to COVID-19 (for example the management of hospitals, shelters for stranded migrants, concerns of health care workers, etc) and the manner in which the Courts dealt with these issues. 

Resources General Citizens for Justice and Peace
A Melting Pot of Lockdown Losses

This article talks about the period of poor sales for potters during the major festival weeks in Delhi, Kacchh and West Bengal during the lockdown.

Resources General PARI
Call for applications: COVAX seeks civil society representatives to contribute to ensuring equitable global access to COVID-19 vaccines

Gavi, the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations (CEPI) and WHO are seeking representatives from CSOs to participate in developing, manufacturing and fairly allocating safe and effective COVID-19 vaccines by the end of 2021.

Resources General Gavi- The Vaccine Alliance
Response to COVID-19

This page is a collaborative effort of PFI with the Government of India and Facebook campaign to counter the spread of misinformation related to COVID-19.

Resources General Population Foundation of India
India: Media's Crackdown During COVID-19 Lockdown

This report from the Rights and Risks Analysis Group states that "about 55 journalists faced arrest, registration of FIRs, summons or show causes notices, physical assaults, alleged destruction of properties and threats for reportage on COVID-19 or exercising freedom of opinion and expression during the national lockdown from 25 March to 31 May 2020."

Resources General Rights and Risks Analysis Group
Covering The Human Cost of COVID-19

PARI's website features reports and stories from across the country which explores the distress that millions of ordinary Indians had to face owing to the pandemic and the subsequent lockdown.

Resources General People's Archive of Rural India
Future of Work: COVID-19 and Beyond

A discussion on the "impact of COVID-19 in the job market for students, what this means for their future, the role of upskilling and digitisation in the job market, ensuring women's return to work post-pandemic and creating opportunities in the current economic environment."

Webinar (recording) General Youth Ki Awaaz
COVID-19, Physical Distancing and Social Inequalities: Are We all Really in this Together

This research article by Lakshmi Lingam and Rahul Suresh Sapkal attempts to "examine the feasibility of the recommended physical distancing using data from a national level sample from India".

Resources General The International Journal Of Community and Socil Development
My Wellness and COVID-19 - A Nationwide Survey

This nationwide survey is being conducted with the objective of trying to examine the impact of the COVID-19 crisis and lockdown on the mental and social health of individuals, and helps identify the home-based activities that could improve health and wellbeing.

Resources General Sangath
Joint Statement on issues in Aarogya Setu & similar digital apps introduced during COVID- 19

This is a joint statement that has been issued, for generating public understanding and for submission to the Government of India and concerned Union Ministries, on the technical, legal, ethical and implementation concerns regarding Aarogya Setu and other apps introduced during COVID-19.

Statement General Jan Swasthya Abhiyan, Internet Freedom Foundation, Forum for Medical Ethics Society, and All India People’s Science Network
Lessons From The COVID-19 Pandemic For Tackling The Climate Crisis

This article explores the key takeaways from COVID-19's massive global response to tackle the climate crisis. 

Resources General UNICEF
Q and A on COVID-19

This is a recording of a live Q and A session on COVID-19 hosted by WHO, with Dr Mike Ryan (executive director of the WHO's Health Emergencies Programme, leading the team responsible for the international containment and treatment of COVID-19) and Dr Maria Van Kerkhove (American infectious disease epidemiologist, who is also based in WHO's Health Emergencies Program). 

Resources General WHO
COVID-19 Coverage in Hindi and Telegu

This is a list of podcasts that look at "what COVID-19 is, what we know so far about it and India’s preparedness; how health inequities and access to health matter in times of pandemic; what social distancing potentially means for the poor of India."  

Podcast General Suno India
An Ethical Framework For Global Vaccine Allocation

This article, co-authored by an international group of ethicists from Britain, Canada, Australia, Norway and Singapore, offers an "ethically defensible and practical proposal" for the fair distribution of the COVID-19 vaccine, called the Fair Priority Model. The Model is addressed to the COVAX facility (a coalition which intends to purchase vaccines for fair distribution across countries), the vaccine producers, and national governments. 

Resources General Science
Ethics and COVID-19: Resource Allocation and Priority Setting

This policy brief provides an ethical framework that can be used to set priorities for the allocation of resources, regarding access to hospitals, ventilators, vaccines and medicines, during times of scarcity. 

Resources General WHO
Our Healthcare's Weakest Link- Providing For The Middle Class

This article looks at how the middle class in India forms the backbone of the country but their healthcare needs have never been adequately addressed, as has been highlighted by the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Resources General The Deccan Herald
Ethical and Legal Challenges in Research on Preventive Vaccines and Making Approved Vaccines Accessible

This is a series of five webinars (from Nov 7- 21, 2020) to reflect on the science and ethics in developing and accessing vaccines for COVID-19, bringing together representatives of civil society organisations, media, scientists, academia, public health practitioners, legal activists, researchers, clinical trial participants, ethics committee members, policy makers, etc.  

Resources General Sama
Coronavirus In India : A Public Health Disaster In The Making?

This discussion paper examines the impact of the Coronavirus pandemic in India and how the lack of testing facilities presents a larger risk in densely populated, poor areas of the country.  

Resources General TRT World Research Centre
NUJS Journal of Regulatory Studies

The West Bengal National University of Juridical Sciences' April issue of their quarterly, online, peer-reviewed journal is a collection of multi-disciplinary resources on the COVID-19 pandemic and the subsequent lockdown. 

Resources General National University of Juridical Sciences
Crisis Within A Crisis : Scientific, Ethical And Humanitarian Challenges Of COVID-19

This conference will be conducted over four Saturdays from November 28 to December 19, 2020 and will offer a platform for debate and consensus on critical COVID-19 issues such as testing, isolation, prevention, treatment, vaccination and several other ethical issues.  

Resources General National Bioethics Conference
Coronavirus Vaccine: How Will Poorer Countries Get A Fair Shot?

The article discusses the realities of vaccine distribution for countries in the Global South and draws lessons learnt during the Pneumococcal disease in the early 2000s.

Resources General Aljazeera
COVID Research Updates

This page of Nature, a weekly international journal on science and technology, summarises available literature and research on COVID-19 as they have developed through the year. 

Resources General Nature
Caring for people who care: supporting health workers during the COVID 19 pandemic

This article reemphasizes the importance of care for health workers who have been exposed to new occupational health hazards as they have been asked to work in extremely challenging conditions during the pandemic.  

Resources General The Lancet
CoronaJihad: COVID-19, Misinformation, and Anti-Muslim Violence in India

"This report tracks anti-Muslim rhetoric and violence in India related to COVID-19, as well as the ongoing impact on social cohesion in the country."

Resources General ISD
COVID-19 In The Global South

This book "explores some of the key issues that have arisen in the Global South with the COVID-19 pandemic. Situating the worldwide health crisis within broader processes of globalisation, the book investigates implications for development and gender, as well as the effects on migration, climate change and economic inequality".

Resources General Bristol University Press
The Politics of Vaccination

This article talks about the exclusion of India's sanitation workers not finding a mention as vaccine recipients in the ‘COVID19 Vaccination Guidelines’ recently released by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare of India, despite continuing to work with hazardous biomedical waste and in containment zones, with inadequate protective gear.

Resources General Vidhi Centre For Legal Policy
Why don't Western countries mention human rights in the distribution of COVID-19 vaccines?

This article looks at the unfair distribution of the COVID-19 vaccine and how the global north fails to talk about human rights in the discourse of vaccine distribution. 

Resources General Global Times
COVID-19 and Academia: Considering the Future of Academic Conferencing

This article explores the many challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic to academic conferences, drawing important points of comparisons between virtual and in-person conferencing. 

Resources General Journal of Criminal Justice Education
COVID-19 Resources

The Wiley Network has compiled resources to help educators, researchers and professionals navigate through the pandemic, to provide them with resources on teaching online, working from home, latest research on COVID-19, etc.

Resources General Wiley Online Library
The Mystery Of India's Plummeting COVID-19 Cases

This article probes into India's declining COVID-19 cases especially in the months before any vaccinations began.

Resources General NPR
Publications on COVID-19

The first section of this page has researches and publications by Action Aid on the impact of COVID-19 on different communities in India based on gender, class, occupation, etc.

Resources General Action Aid
The Japan Model: A tricky yet sustainable strategy in the battle against COVID-19

This article explores Japan’s "cluster-based" approach to managing COVID-19 which has "some significant lessons to offer, especially to countries struggling with hard lockdown measures."

Resources General Riskline
Vaccine inequities: On need to vaccinate all above 45

This op-ed looks into the correlation between vaccine uptake in India and the availability of trial data on public platforms. 

Resources General The Hindu
What changes after COVID-19 vaccination?

This op-ed discusses the importance of following safety protocols post COVID-19 vaccination and stresses on why masks should still be mandatory. 

Resources General The Hindu
A stark class divide is emerging in India’s Covid-19 vaccination drive

This article explores the stark class divide created especially by the vaccination drive in India where the marginalised communities not only have limited access to primary healthcare and information but also no support system to address their vaccine hesitancy. 

Resources General Scroll
Pandemics and Public Health: Learnings from the Past and Present

The is the first part in a series of conversations around our learnings from past pandemics and the recent global outbreaks in terms of global governance, organised by Sama and people's Health Movement. This session will be held on Mar 30 from 4PM IST. 

Webinar General Sama, PHM
What Are We Learning? SBCC Takeaways from the COVID-19 Pandemic

This webinar explores "lessons, takeaways and recommendations for social and behavior change communication programs during the COVID-19 pandemic".

Webinar (recording) General SBCC Summit
Suggestions for Home Care for Persons with Mild Symptoms of COVID-19 and for Caregivers

This short informational handout compiled by Sama lists simple and effective suggestions for home care for people with mild symptoms of COVID-19 and for their caregivers. 

Resources General Sama
Covid Aid Resources

This is a page on Instagram which has been collating and amplifying information regarding COVID-19 resources (for example, hospital beds, ambulance services, online doctors' consultations, homecare services, etc) throughout the country.

Resources General Group of volunteers
COVID Help Desk

A team of volunteers from Miranda House have created a Google Sheets spreadsheet on COVID-19-related resources (testing, treatment, hospitalisation, oxygen support , psychiatrist, medical counselling, food services etc). This list is being updated regularly. 

Resources General Miranda House
Covid Meals For India

This website has compiled a list of meal services around the country especially for COVID-19 patients and caregivers. The list is categorized on the basis of states and cities. 

Resources General Individual volunteers
Covid Resources

This is a dashboard where one can find all the tweets regarding COVID-19 in the Delhi-NCR region. This has been divided in four sections i.e. Injections, Oxygen Cylinders, Hospital Beds and Plasma. 

Resources General Sprinklr

This is an application developed by IITD Alumni which provides live tracking of vacant hospital beds, oxygen availability, plasma, videos by renowned doctors, etc across the country.

Resources General IIT Delhi
Twitter Search for COVID

This link lets the user search for collated information for COVID-19 resources across the country on Twitter.

Resources General Individual volunteers
Corona Dashboard

This is the Delhi Government's website for availability of ICU and Oxygen beds across Delhi-NCR. 

Resources General Delhi Government
Bangalore COVID Resources

This Google Sheet provides verified contact details for helplines, important websites and home testing labs, ambulance contacts and oxygen vendors, vaccination and FAQs, etc. in Bangalore. 

Resources General Group of volunteers
COVID Help Lucknow

This is an active spreadsheet of COVID-related resources (ambulances, oxygen cylinders, hospital beds, doctors' contacts, etc.) in Lucknow. 

Resources General Group of volunteers
COVID Free Jharkhand

This is the Jharkhand's government's official dashboard that tracks the availability of hospital beds (normal, oxygen, and ICU beds) in Jharkhand. 

Resources General Jharkhand Government
Covid Army for Indore

This is a dashboard which has compiled COVID-19 related resources in Indore like oxygen suppliers, tiffin services, medicine suppliers, etc., and even a vaccination centre locator. 

Resources General Group of volunteers
Covid 101: Decoding & Demystifying the most FAQs around Covid 19

In this podcast, doctors Aparna Santhanam and Suchitra Dalvie chat with Dr. Rajam Krishnan about common FAQs around COVID-19, focussing on the specific issues faced during the second wave of the pandemic like oxygen levels, medications, etc. 

Resources General Asia Safe Abortion Partnership
Hospitals see a rise in cases of post-Covid complications

This article talks about the different kinds of post-COVID complications that patients are increasingly returning to the hospital with in the second wave of the pandemic. 

Resources General The Hindustan Times
Poster Series: Covid-19 Vaccine and Class-Caste Divide

This article looks at how the vaccination drive in India may have overlooked the class-caste divide, thus excluding those at the margins. 

Resources General Feminism In India
Why India’s sex worker communities need support to survive the COVID-19 pandemic

This article looks at the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the lives and livelihoods of sex workers' communities. 

Resources General Your Story
Bengaluru sex workers struggle in COVID-19 2nd wave

This news article talks about how the second wave of the pandemic had a bigger impact on the sex workers' community in Bangalore even with a shorter lockdown period. 

Resources General The News Minute
Funding during a disaster: Lessons from the COVID-19 pandemic in India

This resource uses the experiences of Mariwala Health Initiative to look at how funders can fulfill their responsibilities towards communities they engage with, in light of the devastating impact of the pandemic and the possibility of such disasters recurring in different forms in the future. 

Resources General Mariwala Health Initiative
Advancing Gender Justice on Asian Fast Fashion Supply Chains Post COVID-19

"This report reviews the gendered impact of COVID-19, and the need for a transformational approach to prevent and end GBVH (Gender Based Violence and Harassment) using guidance from C190 in the context of Asian fast fashion supply chains which produce primarily consumer apparel and footwear. The report highlights the persistent risk factors for violence that both predate and are exacerbated by COVID-19."

Resources General Academia
From HIV to Covid-19: The Plague of Necropolitics

In this webinar organised by DAWN, two feminists from Africa and Latin America discuss the politics behind vaccine roll out and why Africa has one of the slowest and lowest vaccination rates in the world.

Resources General DAWN
COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy and media channel use in Japan: could media campaigns be a possible solution?

This article explores how " identifying specific media use, including combinations of media use among the hesitant, is essential to prevent the development of COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy."

Resources General The Lancet