Get help or contribute : SRHR in COVID times

Many of us require help for various reasons during the pandemic - be it for improving our mental health, or to address major issues caused by the lockdown. In this section, we are compiling services that one can consider for seeking help, and avenues of offering help to others. The resources have been sorted based on the types of people they cater to, such as those for women and girls who are facing domestic violence, people with disabilities or their caregivers, survivors of Child Sexual Abuse or incest, among others.

Get Help

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Counselling services for Disabled & Caregivers

Write to and they will connect you to a counsellor

Helplines Persons with disabilities Sruti Disability Rights Centre
Free Online Counselling for Women Survivors of Incest/Child Sexual Abuse

Write to, mentioning the city/town you are living in and a therapist will contact you and set up a convenient time to talk.

Helplines General RAHI Foundation
Project Mumbai Fighting COVID-19

This is a list of initiatives by Project Mumbai to provide support to citizens in Mumbai during the COVID crisis.

Resources Children Project Mumbai
Verified Support Services for Women facing Domestic Violence During Lockdown in Delhi

This is a compiled list of helpline numbers, shelter homes and One-Stop Centres operational in NCT of Delhi, for providing direct support services to women facing domestic violence during the COVID crisis.

Helplines General Jagori
List of Helplines

This is TARSHI's list of helplines from around the country for various concerns, ranging from sexuality and SRHR, for women in crisis situations, HIV related issues, and others.

Helplines General TARSHI
NIMHANS Psychosocial Support and Mental Health Services Helpline

This is a 24x7 toll free helpline which can be accessed by people from any part of the country to avail psychosocial support and mental health services from mental health professionals, during emergencies caused by disasters.

Helplines General NIMHANS
COVID Response Helpline Directory

A carefully collated list of helplines on issues related to gender-based violence, child sexual abuse, LGBTQIA+, persons with disabillity, and mental health issues. The list is being regularly updated with new resources.

Helplines General The YP Foundation
Speak To A Counselor

The Blue Dawn, a mental health care support group for Bahujans (Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes, Other Backward Classes, Nomadic Tribes, Decriminalised Notified Tribes across religions) is a facilitator of mental health services and sponsorships, who believe in community healing

Helplines General The Blue Dawn
The Mind Clan Counsellors

A free-to-access online platform which has curated inclusive mental health resources such as names of therapists, support groups, workshops, and more, from different cities in India.

Resources General The Mind Clan
Pan India list of helplines

Shakti Shalini has compiled a list of helplines across India from organisations offering support to survivors of domestic violence during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Helplines General Shakti Shalini
Community Well-Being Project

This is a free and confidential Peer Support Service for queer and trans people "with an objective to strengthen community resources to respond to the emotional struggles we face as queer-trans individuals due to the stigma and discrimination from society and from our own families, friends and co-workers."

Resources LGBTQIA+ Safe Access


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Support India's Most Vulnerable Fight COVID-19

This is a list of fundraisers you can donate to to support organisations working on the ground to provide COVID-19 relief and aid.

Fundraiser General Amnesty International
India Against Corona

Tycia Foundation has launched a network of individuals called 'India Against Corona' and is raising funds to urgently provide food and hygiene supplies to families in need during the COVID-19 crisis.

Fundraiser General TYCIA Foundation
Help Our Communities Rebuild

The YP Foundation is raising funds till end June to support and sustain girls and their families in the Sundar Nagar Nursery community in New Delhi, with whom they have been working since 2005. The community consists of low-income groups who "rely on wages from domestic work, auto-rickshaw driving, and other informal labour."

Fundraiser General The YP Foundation
List of COVID- 19 relief funds

This is a list of organisations/individuals that are working on Covid-19 relief operations for communities in need and are seeking donations to continue their work.

Fundraiser General Feminism In India
Green Kits Campaign

A fundraiser to help generate employment for the women bamboo artisans of Wayanad, Kerala who have lost their livelihoods due to COVID-19 pandemic.

Fundraiser General Uravu Science and Technology Study Centre
Sponsor Sessions

A mental support group for Bahujans (Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes, Other Backward Classes, Nomadic Tribes, Decriminalised Notified Tribes across religions). To make mental health care accessible to all, filling the form on this page lets a contributor sponsor therapy sessions. 


Fundraiser General The Blue Dawn
Support COVID-hit families

A fundraiser to support people whose livelihoods were impacted by the pandemic and the consequent lockdown. 

Fundraiser General Action Aid
Mutual Aid India

This is a live website collating ongoing opportunities to donate to donate for COVID relief. 

Resources General Group of volunteers
Mazdoor Kitchen Fundraiser

A fundraiser for Mazdoor Kitchen, "a citizen run voluntary initiative, working to provide meals and subsistence to daily wage workers in North Delhi."

Fundraiser General Mazdoor Kitchen
Help India’s Most Invisible Frontline Covid Workers – Waste Pickers

This is a fundraiser for food and medical support for 6,000 affected waste-pickers and their families in 24 cities in Karnataka and 2 in Andhra Pradesh.

Fundraiser General Harish and Bina Shah Foundation
Free Counselling Services For COVID Impacted

A fundraiser to offer "Free Bereavement Counselling Services to family members, families and children who have lost relatives to Covid".

Fundraiser General Talk To Me
Shillong’s Transwomen Need Support to Recover From COVID Impact

This is a fundraiser to help trans women in Shillong pay rent, buy dry rations, sanitary items, medicines, and other needful items during the pandemic.

Fundraiser General The Chinky Homo Project
Support Mental Health Needs of COVID-19 Workers In India

"This is a fundraiser to raise funds to pay for mental health needs of COVID-19 workers and manage the process of seeking and receiving help for them. This reduces logistical and financial burden for the workers and ensures that mental health service providers are paid."

Fundraiser General One Future Collective