Counselling Skills Training

Recently concluded: Sexuality Counselling Skills Training for 2019-20.

Weaving a counselling component into existing services will help SRHR service providers be more attuned to the needs of their constituencies, and enhance the value of the service being provided. The training is structured to help participants integrate the two components of Sexuality and Counselling; this is a unique learning opportunity for participants as it has an online and an on-site component. This way, participants can do one part of the course at their own pace; reducing the number of days they need to spend on the on-site component.

Though registrations are closed, to read more, please follow this link.  

For photographs of our January 2020 on-site training, please check out our social media pages: Facebook, Instagram,Twitter.

TARSHI’s Counselling Skills Trainings are aimed at introducing basic counselling skills in the context of sexuality counselling to practitioners, professionals and individuals working on gender and sexuality related issues. Our training sessions are participatory and encourage healthy, mutual discussions with participants drawn from various fields of work. The trainings usually include the components of - introduction to counselling, five key counselling skills (active listening, paraphrasing and reflecting, validating, being non-judgmental and maintaining boundaries), values clarification, ethics in practice, burnout prevention and counsellor care.

We conduct announced as well as on-demand trainings on counselling skills, some of which may be a part of consultancies depending on the demand and needs of the organisation for which the training has been organised. TARSHI organises ‘Sexuality Counselling Skills Training’ annually. Details are available for trainings organised in  2011 and 2013. A few organisations for which we have recently done trainings/sessions on counselling skills are IED, BRAC University, Dhaka, Gurgaon Ki Awaaz (Gurgaon, India), IPPF (South Asia Region), Jagori, New Delhi and WOREC, Nepal.

One of the few organisations in the region that recognise self care and burnout prevention as feminist issues, TARSHI has conducted workshops on stress management and burnout prevention for feminist organisations in India and Nepal.