Basics and Beyond

TARSHI has been conducting trainings on sexuality since 1999 and on sexual and reproductive health and rights for practitioners since 2003. Over the years, we felt the need to develop resource material for trainers. Basics and Beyond: Integrating Sexuality, Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights, a Training Manual, was thus born. This manual provides the necessary tools and methods to demonstrate and strengthen the connections between sexuality, sexual health, reproductive health and human rights. Details are available for the Basics and Beyond trainings that were conducted in 2006, March 2009, April 2009, 2010.

Our Basics and Beyond trainings comprise of an introduction to the manual and its contents; an understanding of sexuality, and its links with reproductive health, sexual health and human rights; basics of gender, sexual orientation, sex work issues, and sexual health information; tips and tools to deal with difficult participants/ issues; and, ideas for adapting the exercises for specific audiences. One can also find suggestions on how to use the manual (depending on the facilitator’s goals and the level of understanding, experience and nature of work of the participants); how facilitators can select exercises from the modules that address issues relevant to the training groups’ needs; and how sessions from the modules can be tailored to specific needs. The training is conducted in English.

An organisation that we have recently conducted this training for is Mones (Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia).