Marginalised communities : SRHR in COVID times

In this page we document the specific concerns that people from marginalised communities have - both general and specifically on sexuality and SRHR. So far, we have included resources on people with disabilities and people from indigenous communities. We will continue to add more resources in the coming days.
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COVID-19 and Humanity- Flash Update on IPs in Asia

A policy brief monitoring the issues faced by Indigenous Peoples in Asia. "These groups not only face challenges in accessing information on time and in their own language; but also of discrimination and deprivation of basic health services."

Policy Brief Indigenous people Asia Indigenous Peoples Pact
Issues and Challenges Faced by Persons with Disabilities

This document "brings forth the issues, challenges, responses of the state and the civil society to cater to the needs of the persons with disabilities

Policy Brief Persons with disabilities ASTHA
Impact on People living with Disabilities

Recording of a webinar from Zubaan to discuss the breadth of issues faced by people with disabilities, as a part of their series "A Crisis of Care: Feminist Perspectives on the COVID-19 Pandemic and Lockdown in India.

Webinar Persons with disabilities Zubaan Books
The Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on LGBTIQ people

A report that exclusively discusses "the challenges faced by LGBTIQ people as a result of the virus and surrounding containment measures."

Resource LGBTQIA+ Outright Action International
COVID-19 Response Resources

A Google Drive folder of resources specific to Nepal on feminist and queer concerns and rights during the COVID-19 pandemic. Resources are in Nepali and English.

Resources LGBTQIA+ Queer Rights Collective Nepal
COVID-19 At The Intersection of Gender and Disability

A fact-finding report which draws on the experiences of women, non-binary and trans persons with disabilities and outlines "how responses to COVID-19 have further marginalized a population made vulnerable due to discrimination and stigma at the intersection of gender and disability."

Resources Persons with disabilities Women Enabled International
LGBTQI Community During COVID-19 Pandemic

A list of resources to help provide support to LGBTQI persons during the pandemic including a list of Queer Affirmative Practitioners that LGBTQIA persons may reach out to, during times of crisis.

Resources LGBTQIA+ Mariwala Health Initiative
Migrant Diaries

This series of stories and videos looks at the COVID-19 crisis through the eyes of displaced Indians.

Resources Migrant labourers Citizens for Justice and Peace
Kashish 2020 Virtual

An online film festival with a line up of a host of global LGBTQIA+ movies. The festival is scheduled to go live from July 22nd to 30th.

Resources LGBTQIA+ Kashish Mumbai International Queer Film Festival
Neglected and Forgotten: Women with Disabilities During the COVID Crisis in IndiaNeglected and Forgotten: Women with Disabilities During the COVID Crisis in India

This is the report of a research study initiated in collaboration with Sightsavers "to respond to the urgent needs of women with disabilities in India during the COVID-19 pandemic. The aim of this research was to capture and amplify voices and narratives of women with disabilities while making recommendations to ensure inclusion."

Resources Persons with disabilities Rising Flame
Pandemic, Memories and Moving On: Eden's Story

This testimonial of a 21-year-old queer person from Manipur explores his experiences of love, acceptance and relationships amidst the pandemic and subsequent lockdown.

Resources LGBTQIA+ The Chinky Homo Project
COVID-19 Disability Rights Monitor Report

The report, developed by 7 Disability Rights organisations, presents the findings from a rapid global survey of persons with disabilities and other stakeholders between April and August. It places a spotlight on how persons with disabilities worldwide were disproportionately affected by COVID-19 and state responses. 

Resources Persons with disabilities COVID-19 Disability Rights Monitor Coordinating Group 
Vella-Panti - An Online House Party For Persons with Disability

A series of online events that were organised by Rising Flame in April, for persons with disabilities and friends stuck at home and cut off from their communities of care and support. 

Resources Persons with disabilities Rising Flame
COVID-19 and Exclusion of Children with Disabilities in Education

This study documents the unique challenges of students with different disabilities in accessing education during the COVID-19 pandemic in India.

Resources Persons with disabilities Vidhi Centre For Legal Policy
India's second COVID-19 wave has made healthcare, ableist even pre-pandemic, harder for disabled people to access

This is part one of a two-part series that focusses on the experiences of people with disabilities in navigating the healthcare system given their pre-existing disabilities and now with COVID symptoms and recovery.

Resources Persons with disabilities Firstpost
Survey-COVID19 Second Wave Impact on Persons with Disabilities

This is an online survey for people with disabilities to assess challenges and barriers in accessing information and services during the pandemic.

Resources Persons with disabilities Rising Flame
Self Care and Isolation can Fight COVID 19: Iris

This is the personal account of the experiences of a transwoman from Manipur who has been living in Delhi during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Resources LGBTQIA+ The Chinky Homo Project
Queer Perspectives and COVID-19: Linking Queer Pasts to Queer Futures

This article is an attempt to articulate the new challenges brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic for queer communities in India while providing context for how these issues played out during the lockdown. 

Resources LGBTQIA+ EPW Engage
Complex Registration, Limited Research: Why India's LGBTQ Feel Left Out from Vaccination Drive

This article looks at the range of challenges faced by the LGBTQIA+ community during the pandemic as well as in accessing treatment and vaccines for COVID-19.

Resources General News 18
Pushed To The Margins: The crisis amongst tribal youth in India during COVID-19

This article tries to "critically review the conditions of the tribal population in India, the measures taken by the government, and the role of local organizations in helping tribal people to sustain the pandemic."

Resources Indigenous people Sage Publications