Comprehensive Sexuality Education

For Teachers And Educators

Comprehensive Sexuality Education

What is this course about?

Adapted from TARSHI’s publication, ‘The Orange Book’ that was developed in 2010, this online course is specifically for teachers and educationists and aims to fill the gap created by the lack of teacher training on Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE). When working with teachers and educators, we are aware that they often find it difficult to become sexuality educators given that they have limited scope to explore their own doubts and feelings about gender, sex, sexuality, and get few opportunities to learn how to address these issues in a matter-of-fact manner. This eLearning course seeks to equip professionals with skills to engage with sexual and reproductive health issues within a school setting, with confidence and ease.

The course covers various concepts such as CSE, sexuality, gender, and topics related to body image, technology and its influence on young people, harassment of teachers and students, to name a few. It also provides a space for self-reflection and values clarification. Each chapter has exercises that cover basic concepts along with more complex issues and require participants to reflect upon related issues from their workplace and professional experience.

What are the objectives of the course?

  • To understand Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE) as being more than ‘sex-ed’ and to reflect on the need for Comprehensive Sexuality Education.
  • To fill the gap created by the lack of teacher training on CSE and equip young professionals with skills to engage with sexual and reproductive health issues within a school setting.
  • To help teachers and educators gain comfort and confidence around addressing sexuality related topics in the classroom.
  • To provide information and ideas for teachers and educators for introduction of sexuality related topics in day-to-day work.
  • To provide concrete examples, case studies and scenarios to facilitate discussion on serious and relevant issues within the classroom.

Structure of the course

  • The course has six Modules and each Module has 3-4 chapterswith exercises and assignments that cover basic concepts along with more complex issues and require participants to reflect upon related issues from their work place and professional experience.The chapters combine technical content with programme principles, best practices, and case studies.
  • Each of the six Modules is expected to take around 2.5 hours to complete. The learner is expected to complete the course over a period of no longer than one month.

  • Module 1 is titled Basics of CSE and is a foundational module on understanding the need for CSE. There are 2 chapters in all that engage with various aspects of CSE and help reflect on whether sexuality education is a good idea. It also includes a values clarification component.

    Module 2 is titled Clarifying Concepts and has its 2 chapters on sexuality, gender and rights. It is designed to provide a broad understanding of sexuality and its connections with gender.

    Module 3 is titled The Biology of it alland contains 2 chapters that cover the following topics – sexual and reproductive anatomy, conception, contraception and abortion, STIs and RTIs and safer sex.

    Module 4 is titled Body Basics and consists of 2 chapters. The chapters provide a deeper understanding of body image and self-esteem, as well as knowledge in relation to disability and sexuality, and technology trends.

    Module 5 is titled Power Play. The 2 chapters that make up this module address power in the context of sexuality, stigma and discrimination and also examine issues such as Harassment and Child Sexual Abuse.

    Module 6 is titled Heart of the Matter and consists of 2 chapters. The two chapters examine values and principles as well as ethical dilemmas around sexuality, sexual and reproductive health and rights related issues.

Course Mode

The course is offered in the following modes:

Self-paced mode:

Self-paced courses allow learners to access content at their pace, and from anywhere at any time as long as they complete the course within four months of being given access to the course.

Registrations Closed

Exclusive Moderated mode:

The moderated mode is only through announcement and has a time limit to complete the course. Apart from having a special offer, this type of course provides an opportunity for participants to receive support from facilitators via discussion forums (in Facebook or Telegram groups), sharing of supplementary resources such as articles and videos.

What are the benefits of a moderated course?

  • An updated course with a new interface
  • Participate in free webinars pre and post the course
  • Benefit from an exclusive support group throughout the course for mentorship
  • Weekly assignments and interactive discussions to promote active engagement and learning
  • Enjoy a discount on TARSHI's publications upon successful completion of the course
  • Receive a free copy of a Practical Guide for Teachers upon course completion.

Blended mode:

Blended courses combine online and face-to-face learning or ‘Contact Classes’. Part of the course is given online and part of the course comprises face-to-face sessions, which can either precede or follow the online phase. Registrations are open only for people who have completed TARSHI’s eLearning course/s. If you have successfully completed the online course and are interested in attending the ‘Contact Class’ (additional charges will apply), please write a line of expression of interest to

Course fee:

For learners from Delhi
Course Fee - INR 7,500/-
SGST + CGST (9% + 9%) – INR 675 + 675
Total Payable amount – INR 8,850/-

For learners from Rest of India
Course Fee - INR 7,500/-
IGST (18%) – INR 1,350/-
Total Payable amount – INR 8,850/-

For learners from South Asia
Course Fee – Equivalent to INR 7,500

For learners from Rest of World
Course Fee – USD 350

Why a course on CSE?

This eLearning course aims to fill this gap created by the lack of teacher training on CSE and to equip educators with skills to engage with sexual and reproductive health issues within schools and institutions. It provides exposure to various concepts such as CSE, sexuality, gender and on topics such as body image, technology and its influence on young people, harassment of teachers and students, etc., and provides a space for self-reflection and values clarification. The course is adapted from The Orange Book, a workbook developed by TARSHI in 2010, aimed at helping teachers provide CSE with confidence and ease.

What methodologies does the eLearning course use?

The eLearning course is in English, and incorporates dynamic exercises and external resources such as videos, relevant eMagazine and online newspaper articles, scholarly and academic reports combined with TARSHI’s content.

Real life stories, case studies, academic articles and multimedia resources have been woven into core content to address sensitive and challenging issues in inventive and personalised ways.

Who is this course for?

This course is especially designed for teachers, academics, educators, and other professionals working with schools, colleges, institutions and universities. Having said this, the course is open for anyone who engages with sexuality related issues, both at professional or personal levels.

What is the structure of the course?

The course has 6 modules and each module has 3-4 chapters. Each chapter has exercises that begin with basic concepts and cover more complex issues, requiring participants to reflect upon related issues from their workplace and professional experience.

Will my responses to the exercises be analysed?

The responses submitted by the learner will be analysed taking a non-judgmental approach to ascertain the learner’s level of engagement with the topics and understanding of CSE from a rights-based perspective. Based on this process by TARSHI reviewers, an eCertificate is awarded.

Will I get a certificate?

You are required to complete all the exercises of the course. After completing the course, you will receive a Certificate of Completion or Certificate of Excellence, depending on your engagement and on assessment of your understanding of concepts related to CSE from a rights- perspective and applicability of these in life and work.

Is this a certification course to become a sexuality educator from TARSHI?

The eCertificate only indicates completion of the course. It is NOT a certification by TARSHI of the skills or credentials of the learner in transacting sexuality related information in any setting, and may not be used as such by any learner.

Can I download reading material for future reference?

Yes, you may download the handouts for later reference. If you’d like to use these in your work, please reference TARSHI. We’d love it if you tag us on @tarshingo on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter telling us how you used it!

The CSE course is one of the most practically helpful courses I have undergone in recent times. In today's world, where children and young people are bombarded with very mixed and confusing messages about their sexuality and the standards they are expected to conform to - CSE, the way TARSHI has defined and explained it is a ready reckoner for all people who want our youth to have a healthier and happier life.

Teacher Trainer

A must do course for all of us, cleared my fundas about what sexuality education entails and the immediate need of it for our future generation!

Special educator

This course on CSE covers all aspects of Sexuality that anyone planning or already engaged in Health Education with adolescents need to know. The case studies are excellent to get a hands-on experience on issues discussed. This is not at all theoretical and boring. I am definitely going to use a lot of it in my sessions with children, teachers and parents. This course hardly uses jargons which makes it so easy to understand. The Handouts are a must download. Kudos to the team for answering all questions promptly and helping out with everything. Thank You TARSHI.

Story teller

As a teacher I have struggled many a times to set a boundary while communicating about sexuality with children as I always felt that information, I might be sharing may not be appropriate. After doing the online course CSE from TARSHI I am confident enough to ensure a safe environment for children where they are well aware about their bodies and support them to make an informed choice when it is about sexuality. Thankyou TARSHI.

Sexual literacy trainer and teacher coach

This is an extremely informative course that would surely enable to talk about sex more freely and comfortably with children and teens around you

Counselling psychologist

The course has created a need for me to do a CSE in classrooms and school and to have a sexual harassment committee in school with immediate effect. I am thankful to TARSHI for building such a beautiful course with lovely videos that I’ll use in my classrooms and talk to children off and on the topic without any hesitation now!

Teacher coach

I used to think that I know all about sex and sexuality but with taking this course I realised that I still had lot of misinformation. This course has taught me best ways of dealing with young kids in a more positive way.

Freelance translator