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Voices: The Mind In Crisis


The mind in crisis
is strong and agile,
weak and defeated.
Sometimes, it kneels
but mostly it’s a warrior.

The mind in crisis
finds solace in the moonlit nights.
Patience, perseverance,
it keeps working consistently.

The mind in crisis
walks through the mangroves,
the deep muddy traps.
Forgetting its journey,
it often loses its way.

The mind in crisis
prefers denial.
Waiting, observing, regretting and cribbing,
it eventually learns to move on.

The mind in crisis
plans and replans,
until all plans fail.
Bringing down the house of cards,
it starts building again.

The mind in crisis
shines like a star,
Unfolding steadily,
in the face of danger.


Article written by:

Anisha Dutt is a Senior Programme Associate with TARSHI. A human rights advocate, Anisha has previously worked in the Indian and American nonprofit world around issues of gender, violence and sexuality and has a degree in International Studies from Rochester Institute of Technology, NY. She is also interested in alternative therapy.