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Social Media

Picture of Anshul Tewari, the founder of Youth Ki Awaaz. He's wearing a black shirt and dark rimmed glasses

How the popular media fails representation of women

Being a journalism student once, and having a network of seniors and batch mates who came from a journalism background, we got to hear a lot about how the world of journalism really is. I still clearly remember how one of my friends at college explained a brief incident that happened with her at one…
A cartoon illustration of a clitoris with a face drawn on it, the caption below it reads, 'making masturbation female friendly'

Never Mind The Nipples: Sex, Gender and Social Media

Five snippets from three months. In August, Indian actress Poonam Pandey dons a bikini for the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge and posts a video of it on Facebook. Facebook's reaction? Ban the page, which is followed by 2.1 million people. Why? We don't know. In July, American teenager Samantha Newman instagrams photos of herself in…
Photo of Saudi Arabian women's rights activist Manal Al Shairf. She has black hair and is wearing a black headscarf, and is standing in front of a board that says 'women2drive'.

Social Media

By: Women's Rights Campaigning Info-Activism Toolkit People are more likely to trust - and act on - messages from people they know rather than strangers or adverts. This is why social media campaigns can be so effective. Why use it? In the context of advocacy work, social media allows you to generate a support base and…
A picture of a class full of young students with their four teachers standing at the back. One of the students towards the front is holding up a placard with Mary Wollstonecraft's name written on it.

Teenage feminism – coming to a blog near you

By: Chelsea Birkby at The F-Word. Chelsea Birkby welcomes the spread of the feminist movement online with open arms for changing young women's attitudes to feminism Feminism. When we were at school it just wasn't a thing. As smug kids who were more likely to say "It's different now, Miss" than listen to our teachers tell us about the…