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LGBTQ rights

Photo of a pride flag, representing seven colours of the rainbow.

Voices: Terha Pakistan

‘Pakistan is a homophobic place,’ Karim continues. ‘As in any other conservative society, queers can have all the sex and love that they want – as long as they’re quiet about it. One of the problems with this is that people can get away with a lot of things, murder included.’ He pauses. ‘There are…
A still from the movie "Tomboy", showing a young child in a white vest and blue jacket that's falling off her shoulders.

Reel Review: Tomboy – Innocent, Subversive, Powerful

Celine Sciamma’s ‘Tomboy’, is a brilliantly woven tale that dissolves rigid gender and sexual boundaries and defies quite a few dominant normative perceptions in the process. Laure (played by Zoe Heran) is 10, biologically assigned female but feels more comfortable in boys’ clothes. A tall, lanky body and cropped blonde hair aid her alternate personality…