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Editorial: Language and Sexuality

In the mid-month issue we have articles about the power of language to name, shame, and wound as well as articles about the subversive potential of language to turn the established order on its head and sing and dance around it.Here we mean language, as in not-just-English.
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Editorial: Memory and Sexuality

In our mid-month issue we have an interesting medley of articles many of which talk about the memory of and in the body. Rashi Kapoor presents a therapist’s perspective on body memory and healing, Debanuj Das Gupta offers us a deeply personal and political insight into AIDS, melancholia and queer memory...
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The Editorial: Food, Drink and Sexuality

“Beauty should be edible, or not at all.” ― Salvador Dalí A Google search with the keywords “food sexuality India” spills telling, though unsurprising, results: the pleasures of food are inextricably linked to the pleasures of sex. The common links could be sensory pleasure derived from looking, tasting, smelling, and touching, or from the fulfilment…
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The Editorial: Mobility and Sexuality

Movement. Stillness. Travel. Free flow. Restrictions. Borders. Us and Them. Movement takes us closer to our destinations and sometimes forced movement (migration/immigration) changes the course of history, and can end up isolating one from all that one has ever known. Many a times, people end up building homes away from homes looking for better social,…
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The Editorial: Consent and Violence

Felicitations to us at TARSHI! As we turn 18 this month, the currently legal age of consent for sexual activity in India, this issue of In Plainspeak poses some difficult questions that we all ask ourselves in the course of not just our work but also our own personal relationships. Every day we see around…