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A blurred picture of a group of women lying down together with smiles on their faces


Smile is a 3-minute long film by Kalki Subramaniam, Chennai, India depicting rare joyous moments in the lives of of transsexual women. This video is a Sahodari Foundation presentation which was filmed and edited by Kalki. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6inH5lRlAkY
Picture of Afghani street artist Malina Suliman sitting in front of one of the street murals she has painted. She is wearing a white kurta with a purple cardigan and a purple headscarf.

Malina Suliman: Street Art in Afghanistan

Malina Suliman is a contemporary Afghan artist, brought up in a war ravaged country and one of the most dangerous places in the world to be a woman, Malina has always been intrigued by art but often found herself feeling confined with how she could express herself. Art being her passion since she was young,…
A picture of Pakistani feminist filmmaker Sabiha Sumar. Her dark hair has specks of gray in it, and she is wearing thick-rimmed glasses and a checked t shirt.

Mirroring Reality: A Conversation with Sabiha Sumar

[Editor’s note: This Women’s Day, we have Surbhi Dewan talking to Sabiha Sumar about her films Good Morning Karachi, and Saving Face. She also talks about her journey as a successful Pakistani filmmaker over the last 20 years. The article has been published in two parts. Part two will be released on March 15th 2014.]…
A black and white sketch of a group of women raising their fists in the air


It’s that time of the year again. Those 31 days during which we, the 49%, have a chance to be seen and heard in ways somewhat different than the other 334 days. That brief window when we women may occupy the public domain as something other than those stereotypes best captured in ads where we…
An illustration of a woman facing sideways with snakes in place of her hair.


Medusa, oh so beautiful! radiating beauty, a mere reflection, of male gaze, curse, shame and monstrous. Controlled, yet untamed, beauty unto conquerable, curbing her assertion & sexuality. Complete distortion. A false sense of agency. Fearless, She shines through, a face of free spirit. (Poem by: Anisha Dutt) Medusa (Charcoal) by James; For more of James' work, please…
poster for the film 'blue is the warmest colour', which shows two young girls facing each other intimately

Reel Review: Blue Is The Warmest Color

There are many ways of looking at Blue is the Warmest Colour, last year’s French release about a love story between two young women that went on to win the highest award at the Cannes Film Festival. We could look at it as a love story, a timely twist on the classic Ali MacGraw-Ryan O’Neal…