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Vulnerability and Sexuality

Image of mannequins with orange and pink ductapes. On one of the mannequins ‘Your body belongs to you’ is written


The largest contingent of voiceless, lonely women with limited agency in the subcontinent must be its married women. If they’re fortunate enough to be born and reach adulthood, a woman’s parents and society make sure she becomes an adult brainwashed into self-alienation and self-loathing.
Poster of the Netflix series ‘The Bold Type’ Three girls can be seen standing confidently. On top of the poster, the tile ‘Bold Type is written in purple colour

Circle of Trust

None of these characters is perfect but in their imperfections we can learn more about body positivity, gender sensitivity, privilege, consent, unconscious and implicit bias, sexuality, masculinity, their intersections with class, religion, race, age, and more.
A low angle photograph of whitish coloured pillars/columns on a building

Constructing Pillars

Unbiased academic                                                                  Pillars   Stand rock hard and Straight-shoot to the sky.                                                         Pillars   My teacher tells me all study Is academic, we leave no one out.                                            Pillars We walk hand in hand. We queue From tall to short and other arrangements Of categorisation. Pillars On the day they spill juice on me –…

Murderously simple thing

"She rightly read the moment while I stumbled through a second-hand text." – Jeanette Winterson   But second-hand texts lay out generations of patterns and internalised mess How else to mitigate effect other than read, analyse, process and beware. Be vigilant Words Words that compress Hide, elide, oppress But words Words that can also be…

Jessica Singh’s Poetry

SPREAD. BUT NOT READ   I feel like you walk over me, all over me, Your gait was long and my expanse vast, I lengthened to measure up to you, To bear you is what I knew. Every step you needed, kneaded me, Every step you beaded, pleaded with me. I sniffed the passion you…
एक टूटे हुए शीशे की तस्वीर। इस तस्वीर में शीशे के धारें दिखाई पड़ रही हैं।

कभी दोस्त रहे एक व्यक्ति के नाम खत 

अब मैं बार–बार पीछे मुड़कर देखने और अंजान आदमियों के भय से डरी रहने से भी थक चुकी हूँ। मेरे मन में हमेशा यह डर बना रहता है कि मेरी शारीरिक सीमायों का कोई उल्लंघन न कर दे और साथ ही मैं अब लोगों को अपने से दूर रखते रहने की कोशिश करते हुए भी थक चुकी हूँ।
A comic strip where two purple coloured figures can be seen snuggling on bed. There is a table with a laptop, two mobile phones, a slice of pizza, and a water bottle next to them. Behind the figures are two plants, a window and a bookshelf. On top left, ‘Let’s snuggle and forget the cruel world outside’ is written

Brushstrokes: The AVR Method

From being comfortable doing nothing in someone’s company or cooking and laughing together, to confiding in them our hopes and fears, feeling safe letting someone seeing us at our best as well as through our not-so-good moments is like ‘coming home’ in the world.