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Travel and Sexuality

Picture of a Japanese drag queen. She wears a big blonde wig and holds up a pink card.

Rezubian, Bi or Straight?

Employing a direct line of questioning in a booming voice, a tall drag queen shining in a blood red sequinned gown, strides to our table and shoots the question at us. I am not entirely sure how to respond and neither is my friend.
Against a dark background, the side profile of a woman. Her eyes are closed and her complexion is dark.

No One Even Knows Your Name Here

There’s a pregnant pause as he fumbles for his keys, and I, for a definitive answer. Packaged as an innocuous statement, there hangs a question between us: No one even knows your name here, in this remote corner of the antiquated town we’ve found ourselves in. And yet, we’re in front of a door, planning to know so much more.
Two women cycling together on a derted street lined with trees

On Pleasure in the City and the Contestation of Public Space – I

Within the urban sphere, feminist discourse has for the past few decades centred on the constant anxiety and anticipation of violence, which permeates all of women’s movements within South Asian cities. However, something unusual is happening to that discourse in this cultural moment. Feminists are systematically and strategically shifting their attention from the anticipation of violence to the active search for pleasure in public space.
Picture of Feminist Activist Kavita Krishnan. She is wearing a black kurta and a red dupatta.

Video Page: Kavita Krishnan on Urban Mobility

The gang rape and murder of New Delhi’s Jyoti Singh in December 2012 shook up the country’s urban collective conscience. Kavita Krishnan’s erudite feminist leadership emerged from the incident’s aftermath – a powerful voice of outrage against the curtailing of freedom and mobility.
Three panles depicting three types of female bodies, with the captions, "China:, "Egypt", "USA" written below

Brushstrokes: Travelling Across Beauty Standards

Graphic designers from 18 countries across the world were asked to Photoshop a single image of a young woman, and the stark differences in how they chose to nip, tuck and morph are telling of the range of beauty standards in global cultures. Based on participants’ guesses, the study estimated the woman’s BMI for each…
Against the backdrop of the Taj Mahal, a field with trees and birds


Note: Travelling is a poem by Eunice de Souza. I find it impossible to read a poem without layering it with my own memories. Here I read de Souza to explore privilege, gender divides and nostalgia, all of which I encountered while trying to figure out what exactly travelling was meant to be. Elephanta, Feb…