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Post 2015

Still from a video. A transgender person in a blue Indian suit and wearing a red bindi, speaking. The subtitle in the video reads, "In the life of many transgenders, there is the desire to study but they lack opportunities and resources."

The Transgender Community Speaks on Post 2015

Members of the transgender community in Chennai, India speak about their access to education, employment, housing, transport and healthcare in this video made by Praxis India. Often, the word gender is equated to ‘women,’ marginalising anyone who identifies outside the gender binary. In countries like India, where traditional spaces have recognised transpersons, their everyday lives…
Nepalese women on a protest march. They are carrying a poster that reads in Hindi, "Women Against Violence Day". They are wearing white caps, and holding placards.

Voices: Nepal, are you still my home?

Nepal has been occupying the news headlines for the last few months, either due to the devastating earthquake that killed more than 8000 people, or the draft constitution that has recently been made public. After seven years of intense debate, the representatives from major (I would prefer to use the word ‘selected’) political parties sat…
Infographic titled, "Banning abortions endangers women's health." Other data given: "222 million women in the developing world have an unmet need for modern contraception"; "47,000 women die yearly...millions more are injured"; "86% abortions take place in the developing world where most abortion laws are highly restrictive."

Why the Absence of Safe Abortion in the Post-2015 SDGs Matters

The eight UN Millennium Development Goals (MGDs) have been rightly criticised because they were too narrow, failed to address the underlying root causes of poverty and gender equality, and have not taken a holistic approach to development. They were considered targets for poor countries to achieve (with funding from wealthier nations) rather than something all…
A meme of a woman with her finger pointing outward speaking angrily. Text written reads, "Meaningful youth participation means involving young people in decision making process, not just making them as decoration!"

Nothing for us without us: Young People and Development

There are many mechanism, agendas and processes such as the post-2015 mechanism in development to ensure gender equality and ‘to leave no one behind.’ These are meant to work together with national strategies, global development discourse, Civil society, UN bodies, grassroots organisations, the corporate sector, etc. Human rights are not a gift and certainly not…