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Parenting and Sexuality

Book cover. Illustration of a brother and sister reading a book with birds and bees on its covers. On the top is written "The Yellow Book - a paren'ts guide to sexuality education.

Review: ‘The Yellow Book: A Parent’s Guide to Sexuality Education’

In a country with a burgeoning population that still doesn’t believe in talking about sex openly, the book wants to help parents and teachers deal with uncomfortable questions rather than brush them under the carpet. To ensure that young children are not dismissed, distracted, or confused by adults who are too awkward or even (gasp!) ignorant of biology.
Screenshot of a whatsapp chat between a mother and a daughter. The daughter sends the message, "they are not here"; to which the mother replies, "they are. Look near condoms and sex lube." The daughter says that she gets the feeling her mother enjoys telling her that, to which she replies, "maybe a little."

The Many Shades of Parenting and Sexuality

As a society, in our platforms of exchange of goods, products and services, how are we approaching parenting, children or sexuality? Stores are clearly catering to the constructed parent and child. There’s lots of toys, clothes, diapers, bedsheets and cute dangling, fluffy things to cluck at in stores catering to parent and child as a combination thali (platter). The day I see personal and sexual hygiene products in a store catering to mom and a teenaged me, I will kick up my heels and bray.