TARSHI runs various programmes with the aim of providing information through resources and helping build professional capacities of teachers, trainers and NGO workers around gender, sexuality, reproductive and sexual health related issues.

We conduct trainings on request for schools (teachers and management), colleges and other non-governmental organisations on counselling skills, gender, sexuality, sexual and reproductive health and rights related issues. Our trainings are organised on request and are tailor-made to suit the needs of specific organisations and individuals. We also conduct trainings of trainers.

We develop resources for diverse audiences: publications and online resources like the FAQs, Sexuality Weblinks, Other Helplines sections on our website  etc. that make available on one platform, information on SRHR and various services, so as to maximize reach and ease of access to such information and services. 

We run online eLearning courses  which is a virtual platform that takes a contemporary approach to sexuality related capacity building.

We also participate in various public awareness and education initiatives through our online presence (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and eMagazine: In Plainspeak) and on-the-ground activities in the form of stalls at colleges, conferences and other events. The stalls showcase our publications and have interactive activities, if requested. Contact us to set up stalls at events.