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APCASO is a civil society network of community-based and non-governmental organisations that provide HIV and AIDS related programmes and services within the Asia Pacific region. APCASO promotes the role of CBOs and NGOs in the response to HIV and AIDS by strengthening and supporting the foundations of regional and national level networks, and supporting and promoting the role of people living with HIV and other populations and communities most affected by HIV including sex workers, injecting drug users, men who have sex with men, transgender people, migrant workers, mobile populations and women.

Asia Pacific Alliance

The Asia Pacific Alliance for Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (APA) brings together nongovernmental organisations, donors and other stakeholders with common goals to build a strong network to ensure everyone’s right to health is fully achieved through the promotion and inclusion of SRHR in development agendas.

Empower Foundation, Bangkok

Based in Bangkok, Empower is a sex worker collective working towards protecting the rights of those working in the entertainment industry in Thailand. They raise awareness for issues around sex work as work and the issues they deal with in their work, and advocate for their rights concerning better working conditions and treatment within their place of work, legal systems, health care, and social institutions.

Raks Thai Foundation

Previously the CARE Thailand, Raks Thai has operated in Thailand for 23 years. The programs of CARE Thailand have been in the areas of health, HIV and AIDS, education, agriculture, and natural resources. The Raks Thai Foundation was registered in 1997 to further the work of CARE Thailand and fully engage in Thai development as a local Thai organisation. The foundation has it own governing board now and implements several projects related to reproductive health, HIV and AIDS.

Silom Community Clinic Free HIV testing, counseling, early care and physician referrals.

They provide rapid HIV antibody testing, HIV virus-based testing for diagnosis of very early HIV infection, personalised counselling and testing and treatment of sexually transmitted infections. services are voluntary, confidential, and provided free-of-charge in an open and understanding environment by staff who are familiar with working with men and transgender women who have sex with men.

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