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Indian Minister Convinced Men Don't ‘Commit Suicide’, Statistics Say Otherwise

The Express Tribune, India, 6/30/2017

India’s Union Minister Maneka Gandhi’s response to a query during a Facebook Live session about the government’s initiative to reduce suicide rates has upset the audience. ‘Which men have committed suicide? Why not try and resolve the situation rather than commit suicide? I have not heard or read of a single case,’ said Gandhi, the Women and Child Development minister. However, the statistics dictate, according to the National Crime Records Bureau of India, 1,33,623 suicides were reported in the country in 2015, of which 91,528 or 68 per cent were men who killed themselves and 42,088 women.

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Baguilat Bats for Passage of Anti-Discrimination Bill

The Philippine Star - Baguio City, Philippines, 6/29/2017

Ifugao Rep. Teodoro Brawner Baguilat Jr. is urging his colleagues in Congress to come together and pass a law that will prohibit discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity. The Ifugao lawmaker explained that while there is no law in the country that criminalizes LGBTs, there is likewise no law that expressly prohibits discriminatory actions against them, whether at home, in the workplace or in society. Rep. Baguilat also noted that while the Philippines has consistently scored high on gender equality reports, this masks systematic discrimination against the LGBT community.

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Ghoonghat Is Haryana’s Pehchaan: Govt Magazine

The Indian Express - Chandigarh, India, 6/29/2017

A photo caption in a Haryana government’s monthly magazine portraying ‘ghoonghat (veil)’ as the state’s ‘identity’ has triggered an uproar. ‘Ghoongat ki aan baan, mhara Haryana ki pechchaan (pride of the veil is the identity of my Haryana)’, reads the caption along with a veiled woman’s photo in Krishi Samvad magazine’s March issue. The photograph appeared on the magazine’s last page meant for off-beat photos. Angry reactions over the caption began pouring in after it went viral on social media. Former chief minister Bhupinder Singh Hooda said the caption showed the government’s regressive mindset.

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Kenyans Are First in Africa to Get Generic of Latest AIDS Drug

Reuters - Nairobi, Kenya, 6/28/2017

Kenya is the first African country to start using a generic version of the latest AIDS drug that can improve and prolong the lives of tens of thousands of people who suffer severe side effects and resistance to other treatments. A generic of Dolutegravir (DTG), first approved in the United States in 2013, is being given to 20,000 patients in Kenya before being rolled out in Nigeria and Uganda later this year, with the backing of the health agency UNITAID. DTG is the drug of choice for people with HIV in high-income countries who have never taken antiretroviral therapy before and for those who have developed resistance to other treatment.

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Rape in Marriage: Jamaica's Churches And Human Rights Groups Are at War Over Legal Exemption

Newsweek, Jamaica, 6/27/2017

A battle is brewing in Jamaica over the definition of rape. Government officials have been working for weeks to review the country’s Sexual Offenses Act, a law that spells out provisions for the prosecution of rape and defines several sex crimes. But one facet of it in particular is causing debate: its marital rape exemption, which currently specifies that husbands don't technically commit rape against their wives unless the couple is separated. Human rights activists want the exemption stricken or at least rewritten, while religious groups are arguing that being in a relationship is the same as giving consent.

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