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Interview: Adsa Fatima

Adsa Fatima is a feminist, trainer and resource person working with Sama Resource Group for Women and Health. In this interview, she shares her insights on issues of privacy, safety and inclusion in the context of reproductive health, sexuality and rights, and the family and social environment that influence individual choices and decisions
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Editorial: Diversity and Sexuality

In our mid-month issue, we have the second part of the Shikha Aleya’s interview with six different people talking about aspects of sexuality and diversity from their own particular space of personal knowledge, as well as work, advocacy, art and activism across diverse fields.
A woman in a black saree and white blouse faces a red wall, so that only her back is visible

The Body In Development Speak

It’s (already!) mid-2015: advocates, activists, development workers, policy wonks working on the ‘new development agenda’ or ‘sustainable development goals’ or whatever other configuration of words they construct for a convenient acronym for ‘development framework’ can almost see the finish line. It’s been a marathon of ‘anniversary agendas’ (Rio in 2012, Vienna in 2013, Cairo in…