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Illustration on self-care

The Politics of Self-Care and Feminism

In a time when reason is more valued than emotion, unravelling and understanding the politics of self-care becomes all the more fundamental for us, and the movements we seek to develop and build. When our bodies, our emotions and our needs become weapons to be used against us, acts of defiance become rooted in thinking about your self and how we practice it.
Picture of a wooden door and door knocker, painted bright blue

Beauty Dictated; Beauty Discovered

Should we train it to think well, all these minds would see reason in similar things and they would come up with the same absolute reality – a universal Truth. That Truth would be a reflection of the Natural order for all humankind. That Truth alone would be beautiful.
Screenshot from the video, "Naked Feelings", showing the illustration of a naked woman with a flower in her hair with the words "Belhauf, bebaak, besharam" written on it

Video Page: Naked Feelings

In a world where the body and its desires often become a site for personal insecurities and external policing, confronting the same body in its raw, physical nakedness, and feeling utterly, irrevocably comfortable with it is almost a revolutionary act

स्वयं की देखभाल एवं खुशहाली के बारे में मेरी सीख

घरेलु हिंसा विषय पर काम कर रही एक नारीवादी संस्था के साथ सामाजिक कार्यकर्ता के रूप में अपने करियर के शुरूआती दिनों में हर रोज़ मेरी मुलाकात लगभग 10 – 15 ऐसी महिलाओं से होती थी जो किसी न किसी रूप में उत्पीड़न और हिंसा का सामना कर रही होती थीं। इनमें से ज़्यादातर महिलाओं…
two drawings of figures lying in fetal position

एक अदृश्य विकलांगता के साथ जीते हुए खुशहाली की चाह

पिछले साल के जुलाई महीने में मुझे बताया गया कि मुझे फ़ाइब्रोमायल्जिआ नाम की बीमारी है। आप में से जिनको इसके बारे में नहीं पता उनके लिए बता दूं कि फ़ाइब्रोमायल्जिआ में पूरे शरीर में कुछ विशेष जगहों (जिन्हें टेंडर पॉइंट्स कहते हैं) पर लगातार दर्द बना रहता है। फ़ाइब्रोमायल्जिआ के साथ कुछ और लक्षण…
a photo of four silhoutted figures against a blue background

What I learned about Self-Care and Wellbeing as a Sexuality Rights Activist

Working as a sexuality rights activist in a repressive environment can take a huge toll on people’s wellbeing. It is therefore important that we as social workers, activists, advocates and everyone else involved in this work take care, take care of ourselves and each other, be supportive, give that extra push to someone who needs it, and allow ourselves to make mistakes.