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Who’re You Kidding?

What exactly does being ‘comfortable with your sexuality’ mean? From a young age, all children, especially girls, are taught about specific ‘values’, and how we all need to behave in a certain manner or else we’re being ‘inappropriate’. However, I think the term ‘inappropriate’ simply means, “You should be ashamed of your body and should only think about concealing yourself”. And then our teachers and elders and others around us expect us to be automatically comfortable with our sexuality and with how we look, all the while trying to control us and impose their ideas on us.
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Bandar Aur Insaan Reloaded

Last year, I received a research fellowship from the International Association for the Study of Sexuality, Culture and Society (IASSCS) and the Ford Foundation. Through this fellowship, I conducted a yearlong qualitative study of the experiences of queer students during their school life in India. The word ‘queer’ as you may know, includes but is…
Headshot of a woman. Her hair is tied in a ponytaiill, she is wearing dangling earrings and she has a mole on top of her right eyebrow

Silencing love: Negotiating Sexuality In School Life

My experience of school, as I remember it, was quite conflicted. As a child I lacked the vocabulary to describe my experience and perhaps enjoyed school life to an extent. But as I reflect on my experiences now, the everyday violence that is inflicted by teachers and students in the garb of the greater good…