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Poems by Nhylar

1. A Certain Type of Life  since the age of 16 I idealised a certain type of life involving certain type of women who loved women they were the kind of people who looked perfectly content stooped over a book and their lover in a park on a beautiful Sunday morning the kind of people…
Black-and-white photo of saree-clad writer Amrita Pritam, holding a pen by her cheek thinking something.

Amrita Pritam: Not Just A Poet, But Revolution Personified | #IndianWomenInHistory

Amrita Pritam’s legacy for women and subsequent generations is to intentionally challenge status quo, trying to use art to challenge accepted taboos and redefine them. Be fearless, unabashed and courageous in the face of crude censorship and charges of obscenity, of raising and using your voice to speak as you see the world – not in the manner that the world expects you to speak.
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Extra Large

“Large will not fit you.” / She is scoping me, up and down, eyes / Flicking fast and darting away / From the roundness of my breasts / To the happy jiggle of my thighs.
Against the backdrop of the Taj Mahal, a field with trees and birds


Note: Travelling is a poem by Eunice de Souza. I find it impossible to read a poem without layering it with my own memories. Here I read de Souza to explore privilege, gender divides and nostalgia, all of which I encountered while trying to figure out what exactly travelling was meant to be. Elephanta, Feb…
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I want to 377 you so bad (and Other Poems)

i want to 377 you so bad till even the sheets hurt i want to ache your knees singe your skin line you brown breathe you in i want to mouth you in words neck you in red i want to beg your body insane into sepals i want to 377 you like a star…