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A still from the Netflix series Jeffery Epstein – Filthy Rich

Dismantling a sex-trafficking pyramid

Every Friday my organisation Red Dot Foundation hosts a SafeCircle, an online space for listening and for sharing experiences of sexual violence. Last Friday, as we were sharing stories, it suddenly dawned on me that many of us were still traumatised by some of the relationships and experiences we had when we were between 16…
A doodle of a woman hugging herself. At the top is written "and here you are living despite it all -rupi kaur"

Editorial: Time and Sexuality

Take Time. Add Sexuality to it. How does it move? In a straight line, in circles, or does it zig and then zag? Does it loop around to the very beginning? Move in spirals? Wind down and stop? Going by the articles this month, it seems to do all this and more. Most people consider…
Several faces of girls have been doodled in white ink on a black paper. In big, bold, red letters is written "ME TOO" in background of the paper.
Photo Credit: Juana Medina

From Silence to #MeToo

Not everyone, however, is taken in by #MeToo. Some women feel that they shouldn’t have to make a public show of their pain for their suffering to be acknowledged. For others, sharing their story in such a public fashion exposes them to further online harassment from those who think of the hashtag campaign as a sympathy-seeking movement. Then there are those who are downright unimpressed, feeling that it unfairly casts sexual harassment as a man vs. women problem.