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A Garden of One’s Own

Therapy is a space to heal and grow. It helped me to accept my identity as an anxious, cisgender, South Asian, bisexual woman. Moreover, I have come up with the perfect response next time someone asks me, “But why do you think you are bisexual?”

Editorial: Health and Sexuality

In our mid-month issue, continuing with the theme of Health and Sexuality, we look at how we can expect our doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals to be sensitive to issues of gender and sexuality if these issues are not addressed in the medical curriculum. Suchitra Dalvie, a feminist obstetrician and gynaecologist, makes a sharp and succinct critique of the training she received as a medical student...

Editorial: Dating and Sexuality

Searching for and then finding and connecting with others, dating, and then possibly, romancing them, are activities and experiences that do not occur in isolation – they are inter-connected with the rest of our lives, with what’s going on in other areas, and with what’s happening in the external environment, nowadays being a case in…

How Grindr, The Dating App Is Destroying My Mental Health

By Kanav Narayan Sahgal December 4, 2019 Posted by Kanav Sahgal Growing up, I always knew I was homosexual. My childhood was wrought with memories of bullying, self-doubt and insecurities, most of which were due to other people’s comments about my effeminate voice, body language, dressing sense and taste in music. I felt alone because I…
Shikha Aleya writes about her experiences with panic attacks, and travelling with her dog Dusty

“Breathe. All is Well” — How I Dealt With My Panic Attacks

I am not pleased about everything that happened, but I accept that these are my experiences. I accept that I have grown through them, built more invisible muscle. Most of all I accept that it is with the help and support of a diverse array of souls, relationships, and ordinary chuff-chuffing that I can do and be many of the things my spirit is; my life is more than the parts that panicked, and I accept and look after those bits too.
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क्विअर लोगों की मानसिक देखभाल – मुझसे बात करें

मेरे यह पूछने पर कि, “जब आप दुखी होते हैं तो किससे बात करते हैं”, जोगप्पा ने ने कहा “देवी से बात करती हूँ”। पिछले साल मैं जहाँ भी गया, वहां मिलने वाले बहुत से लोगों से मैंने यही प्रश्न पुछा। उनमें से ज़्यादातर लोगों का यही जवाब होता था, ““किसी से भी नहीं””। यह…