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Editorial: Sexuality and Pleasure

Fragile and fleeting like soap bubbles, pleasure shines with many colours. But its iridescence is frightening for many. Perhaps because its colours change in unpredictable and uncontrollable ways, and though fragile and fleeting, it is a world in itself
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 Hairy Caterpillars and I

There is someone in my life who had a terrible childhood, has had several liaisons and whose father married twice. He says that he hated his father. How would his father react to his son’s liaisons if he were alive? If I love a cyborg or a person of the same gender, how will my father react?
Self-Care and Masturbation – Let’s Give It the Female Perspective It Deserves

Self-Care and Masturbation – Let’s Give It the Female Perspective It Deserves

And that is sadly the case with so many women. Speak of exercise and nutrition as a path to wellbeing and self-care, sure. They will read Prevention and Health type of magazines, employ a personal trainer, go to a yoga class, or follow a dietician’s advice. But speak to them of yoni eggs, masturbation and self-pleasure, and you are suddenly not speaking a language they understand!
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‘I Am A Woman, And I Masturbate. Stop Demonising Me For It’

By Nishtha Relan This post is part of TARSHI's #TalkSexuality campaign on Comprehensive Sexuality Education in collaboration with Youth Ki Awaaz. I have faint memories of my mother telling me, when I was a kid, to not touch my privates unnecessarily. Like a lot of my friends I have discussed this with, I don’t remember when exactly I realised that touching…
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Never Mind The Nipples: Sex, Gender and Social Media

Five snippets from three months. In August, Indian actress Poonam Pandey dons a bikini for the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge and posts a video of it on Facebook. Facebook's reaction? Ban the page, which is followed by 2.1 million people. Why? We don't know. In July, American teenager Samantha Newman instagrams photos of herself in…