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Still from a Hindi film 'The Dirty Picture' (2011). A brown woman has open black hair, is wearing a black bindi, and a bright-coloured, deep-neck blouse. A man behind her is touching her waist. There are piles of oranges in the garden around them. They both are singing a song.

चुनौती पहुँच की – इच्छाएँ, कल्पनाएँ और विकलांगता के साथ रह रहे लोग

प्रत्येक फैंटसी या कल्पना एक बेहद ही निजी अनुभव होती है, भले ही यह मन में ही रखी जाए या दूसरों को बतायी जाए, और चाहे उसका सम्बन्ध यौनिकता से हो या नहीं। कोई व्यक्ति किस तरह से अपनी यौनिकता (या फिर औरों की भी) का निर्माण कर पाते हैं और यौन आनंद और इच्छाओं को किस तरह…
A brightly coloured abstract painting consisting of painbrush lines going in all directions.

Poem of desire and (dis)ability

they say my body is broken they look at me with pity but little do they know when i scream your name and writhe in pleasure my body serves me well   they have labels for me and words like access and care are bandied about but do they know how we fit and how…
Two women riding a scooter. A younger Indian woman wearing a low pony-tail and a suit is on the wheel, with an older woman who is wearing a saree with which she covers her head, is sitting at the back facing sideways.

Three must-watch documentaries about disability

The First International Film Festival for Persons with Disabilities was recently organised by the Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment in collaboration with the National Film Development Corporation in Delhi. Forty films from India and around the world were screened at the festival, including Shonali Bose’s Margarita with a Straw, and Anand Gandhi’s Ship of…
Still from a Hindi film 'Lipstick under my Burkha'. A young woman wearing blue-coloured lehnga is dancing merrily in an Indian wedding. She has one hand on her hip, another behind her head, and is tilting upwards with her eyes closed, and lips pout.

Issue in Focus: Beyond Ramps and Restrictions

Accessibility begins with access, enabled or denied, to concepts and ideas. At the core, beyond the architecture of the real and virtual worlds, it is about the architecture of the ways in which this access is broadened, to not only accommodate, but to nurture, the myriad expressions of human minds and bodies.
A photo of a woman on a wheelchair in her bedroom. She has shoulder-length hair, is wearing blue sphagetti and pink pajamas. Behind there is an award trophy sitting on a table. On the other side is some hanging exercise equipment.

Pyaar Plus: The Story of Nisha and Chetan

In this video, Nisha and Chetan set the record straight about love, attraction, and disability. Nisha’s life changed after a spinal cord injury that led her to use a wheelchair. She thought romance was off the cards for her – until Chetan came into her life.

Owning Our Boundaries

The concept of boundaries has become mixed up with the concept of being bound in a this-far-and-no-further way. They have become enclosures, aquariums, cages built for those who inhabit them, but not necessarily built by them.
Psychedelic art

And He Said, ‘I Love You, Masti’

One morning at the programme, I found he was ignoring me. I was also busy with my assigned work so I was not able to follow up with him until the break. During the break, he came and sat next to me, came closer and suddenly kissed me on the cheek.
A woman dressed in a black and red dress and holding up a big red umbrella is looking behind. She has long blonde hair and a smile on her face.

Providing Sexual Services to Clients with Disability

Sex workers also are renowned for being educators – teaching people about safer sex practices and letting them explore their sexual expression in a safe and supportive environment. Seeing a sex worker can assist in one’s rehabilitation, allowing people to rediscover their sexual functioning after an accident and also learn to adapt to new sexual positioning with their new limited mobility.