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Reading in the times of COVID-19

These are uncertain times, where many of us  are isolating ourselves and working from home. InPlainspeak brings you all some articles over the years about issues on sexuality experienced online.
1. ‘Sometime I might have multiple chat windows open with friends loitering with me. I might also stop at a pornographic site or a sex chat site and wander in there, choosing to leave or stay at the click of my mouse…’
2. ‘Social mobility in contemporary, digitally driven lives needs to be understood differently and beyond material conditions that typically denominate class and determine class-based norms and barriers. The online space can increasingly becomes a site for sexual and class transgressions.’

3. ‘…thankfully, my memories of my sexual exploration have been nothing but sources of inspiration and empowerment. Inspiration to grow, to love better, to be there for others, to be more of myself each passing day, with authenticity and love.’

4. ‘…Online meetings, therefore, don’t tell us much. I had grossly misread our fateful online rendezvous, and this experience purged online chatting from me for good.’
5. ‘For Zaara[3] , the ‘fake’ profile is one that she has created on Facebook, with a different name and surname, and a picture of a celebrity as the profile picture. She explains that she has added a few people from her ‘real’ profile in her friends’list, but most of the others are acquaintances that she knows or friends of friends that she wishes to know better…’
6. ‘A big causal factor for the creation of inequality is unequal access to, and processing of, information…’

‘Shared mutual admiration sessions, And learnt some critical lessons…’