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Brushstrokes: How Ideas of Purity Damage Our Mental Sexual Health (And Happiness)

Purity and pleasure – two eternally contentious notions considered mutually exclusive and untenable in the eyes of morality. In the oppressive hierarchies of the caste system, it is through food this contention is highlighted, wherein what is considered “pure” is a rejection of pleasure, almost a show of utilitarianism and abstinence. And in understandings of sex, too, a similar pattern of belief is perpetuated – that it is utilitarian; meant solely for reproduction rather than affirming personal pleasure and attraction. How, then, can one shed such harmful modes of thinking around sex, sexuality, and sexual purity, and work towards not only a greater self-awareness, but positive sexual mental health? Agents of Ishq explains, with their informative comic on How Ideas of Purity Damage Our Mental Sexual Health (And Happiness).



For more: http://agentsofishq.com/ideas-purity-damage-mental-sexual-health-happiness/ 

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